Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Mantel

Hello, I already posted today but came across this blog (I get updates on facebook for some cool blog posts) and this one had a mantel link-up. So I decided to do it. Here's a picture of how i decorated my mantel this year. Pretty simple compared to the others.!  I have two green spiral-like trees sprayed in glitter, a star with a vintage frame covered on top of it... a kerosene lamp, and some fake poinsettias.  I usually dress my mantle in real garland but I didn't want a mess, and plus the extra cost of garland, so I opted for fake this year. I have a string of white sparkly glass beads strung very messily across.  I forgot to take detailed pictures... i am impressed I even got the post up!

 I also took apart my tree (it was time to go) and made a few centerpieces. I was glad to recycle!

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  1. Your mantel is beautiful...I love the greenery, even if it isn't real. I had a mess to clean up! I also love what you did with pieces of your tree, I should try that since my tree is still up! Great job! Love the pictures of your family!