Thursday, January 27, 2011

Out of the house

I feel like this photo a day thing is taking up a lot of my free time!! Oh well... it is still fun. :)  The last couple days have been super fun (and tiring) - going to Fargo. Monday I tried to do as much cleaning as possible in my own free time, and I got to make/finish a bib and start on a craft. While in Fargo the night went well, and even went swimming in the morning yesterday! I realized my phone was dead, which was NOT good, but it worked out anyway. I was afraid i would not be able to connect with Peter when he needed to get picked up or etc.  We went to the mall first, and spent about an hour or so there. We played in the play place for a bit, and then packed up, and got peter at the hotel, went back to the mall, and then packed up again, dropped him off, and I went with the kids to a few other places.  I stopped to look at an elliptical and I found one!! We're hoping to pay for it over the phone and then go pick it up sometime within the next couple weeks. Kind of a drag but, hopefully it will work out. I really need to start working out. I think i would feel much better-- it just is too hard to find time to go to a gym having to find another babysitter and pack them up, etc.  Hopefully this is a good investment.

I went to a thrift store and got one skirt to make Kate a dress out of, and then a pink sweater to make some slippers out of.  I hope I can do these crafts!! If not, they were only a combined total of $7. Here's some pictures from the last couple -three days.

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