Saturday, January 8, 2011

sew proud!

I started a pillow project on Thursday.. in hopes to get done for Peter's birthday the next day. I went to go Joannes on Tuesday for fabric...  but really could not come up with much, so I had to settle for the fabric below.  The nice thing about it, is that I can switch it out.  Here's my notes on a scrap piece of scrapbooking paper.
Obviously the first step is measuring the pillow, which in my case was 15x15. So to make a pillow with two inch flanges (I think that's what they're called)  So i measured it to be 17 1/4 width and height. And cut, of course.

In order to make an 'envelope' type of pillow, the back side needed to be 8 5/8 x 17 1/4 and the other was 11 5/8 x 17 1/4 (for overlapping)
I needed to hem the envelope part of the fabric, to make a straight and good edge, so i measured 1/4 of an inch, and folded, ironed, and then folded another 1/4 inch and ironed again.
Then I stitched both envelope peices. It was helpful to fold and iron so that I could keep a straight line.
It is difficult to show with this fabric because both sides were the same... but typically if you have a fabric that has a colorful side, (=the good side) and a white side of the fabric (=bad side)  Typically you want the to lay the good side up, and then layer the 'bad' side on top. Then pin all the way around. You want the part of the envelope that you added the 3 inches, to go on the bottom, and the and like the photo below, the shorter part of the envelope is going on top of the longer part of the envelope.

When you're finished with the pillow, pull it inside out, and press.  Then I put tape on my machine at the 1 inch line out from the needle, and sewed a straight line all the way around the pillow. My original plan was 2 inches, but i messed up with cutting :)  There ya go, i'm not very good at explaining but hopefully it's enough if you've ever wanted to try to make a pillow.

I had to show, also, my deep dish pizza. I'm not kidding you, it tasted exactly like pizza hut pizza, except not as fattening or greasy.  Sooo good!   

I am really tired... i just made another boston cream pie and the bottom stuck to the pan again.  We'll see how it'll piece together tomorrow.. I am going to bed!!!

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