Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rule of Three

Becky at Farmgirlpaints has a blog that gives simple photography advice... with a photo challenge each week. This week it's all about ISO and Rule of Three.... I am submitting this picture, and hoping like mad it's correct! If you put a grid on this picture, I think you could have three main things to focus on.... my daughter,  the little boy, and the bubbles.  She also talked about how you can make a photo more interesting in just how you center or off center a subject.  Here is a photo i took of Kate (not the best focus) but i think it is interesting... also shows the difference how editing can make a picture look better/different.


  1. Yep I think they all apply. She's just a doll. Thanks so much for playing along:)

  2. Beautiful picture! I really like the editing you did on the one of just your daughter :)