Thursday, January 20, 2011

aw, weekend!

Not that it *really* matters to me if it's the weekend or not, but typically the weekend means family time, finally. It seems even though it's winter, and usually Peter has more time off, he's always going to meetings or leaving to go here and there. Tomorrow he's going to Fargo for a meeting and then after that we're invited to a couples home in Hallock...... game night! Saturday we're staying home but excited b/c my sister's coming over to visit. Sundays are always fun because that means church, and of course our weekly 'roast a marshmallow' night.  We're going to fargo Tuesday night into Wednesday and I hope it will be fun with the kids. I don't really need to shop, though there's some stuff i'd like to get while i'm there, but I want to mostly let them have fun at the hotel. Kate loved staying at our hotel in December, so i am hoping it will go well again this time around. 

I have been reading lots of blogs lately and a fun thing popped up on one of them.... a vintage shabby chic birthday party.  So, that's what I'll do! Not sure if it will be for Maddy or Kate... maybe both. I know last year I was thinking of doing an ice cream cone themed birthday party for Kate... and that could be cool since it is in June.. but since Shabby Chic is my FAVORITE decorating style, i thought it'd be fun. The cake would be super easy and I've got a lot of cute ideas. For me, it is better to start thinking about it a few months ahead so I can get things ordered and made in time. That's just how I roll.

Today was pretty productive... I had voice lessons in the morning and we got to sing some Kari Jobe... yay! and then i cleaned most of the kitchen up. When peter got home from his meeting, I asked him to be with the kids so i could clean out our linen/medicine closet. It really feels good to get things thrown out and cleaned up a bit. Hoping tomorrow won't be a terribly long day -- needing some new ideas for the kids. We're getting so restless being stuck in the house. Til later!

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  1. Hey there! I got your comment on my blog & wanted to let you know that my invitation design is available for sale in my etsy shoppe.

    It is a custom made vintage shabby chic invitation that I designed.. it's not a template :)