Monday, February 28, 2011

new week, new look

well, new look as in, new(er) looking blog.  I changed the template because I could never fully load an extra large picture because it would never fit! I also changed some of the fonts... which I love. The only problem is that i cannot figure out how to center my picture in the title bar and my font... It is selected on center, but it's like I almost have to manually edit the html coding, which I used to be good at, but I am not quite sure how or where I need to put the center code in

I just wanted to post because I found this really cool tracking system of calories. it's at  and I have been tracking exactly how many calories I've been eating, how many carbs, and how much water/exercise I am getting.  The fact that I can load how many glasses of water i've been drinking, really helps motivate me to drink more because I've got the friendly reminder.... hey, only half a glass so far today.. drink up! I also loaded my weight-loss goal of 2 pounds a week and it entered how many calories I should be getting a day.   I tell you... it said 1300 and i was really trying to eat 1200 and I haven't lost a single pound this last week, AND i was working out twice a day! I don't know what is going on... unless I am gaining muscle, that is a possibility. So, something has to change! alright, got to make the best of nap-time, more later!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

can't sleep

I am up again tonight. I don't understand;  I haven't had caffeine or really anything to eat before bed so I am not sure why the last couple of days I've been up until 12, tossing and turning! I finally got out of my bed at 11:30 to do some more editing. At least that's done, but I'll pay for it tomorrow.

Today I dropped the kids off for exactly two hours to get some cleaning done in the house. I vacuumed all rooms downstairs and cleaned out both kate's and maddy's rooms. The living room seems much better now that most of the toys are again upstairs in bins and there are no longer piles of mail everywhere. I snuck in Jillian's DVD for a quick 20 and it went well. This afternoon was quite rare; maddy must have been really tired because when she woke up from her nap, i brought her to the couch for some cuddle time and she fell asleep shortly after! I layed on the couch for 20 minutes with her and I had to get up (because I can't just sit and wasn't tired) and she stayed asleep! So i got these cute pictures:

well, i suppose i better try to fall asleep. g'nite!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I don't really have much to write about today, except that it seemed long. I am kind of wanting this week to be over just because it's so busy and filled with activities. Tonight I met some bible study friends for supper and had some ribs. It was so nice to get away and socialize. I had a nice workout day today but seemed hungrier than normal... is that because I burned more calories?  

Yesterday I was so overwhelmed with all kinds of stories of suffering, dying, pain, etc... especially among the little ones. Listening to radio shows they sometimes speak of child prostitutes and etc... can you even imagine? I read yesterday about this little boy who got thrown into a wall and is now suffering possible brain damage and is paralyzed on his right side all because of abuse.  I mean, there are definitely times I can't take another possible minute with my children, but could you imagine them ever suffering the way some of these kids have to?  My heart just aches for them... It is a reminder to be more thankful and to keep praying for these young kids.  It makes me excited when heaven is our home.  It also makes me afraid of any friends or loved ones who do not get that if they don't change their life.... I won't see them there.

day at home

The weekend was filled with lots to do and events and this week is proving to be even worse! I am hoping we can squeeze date night in sometime this week but it is looking doubtful. Yesterday I went to my yearly exam and it was the quickest ever! It was so nice to be out of there in a half hour. I was by myself (I can't remember the last time I got to do that) so I stopped at a few stores, - Platos Closet being one of them.  I don't have many jeans that fit very good so I wanted to get a couple that I can wear that might get me by - I am hopeful to lose more weight.  So far it's going really well. However, I tried Jillians 30 day shred..... and man am I sore!! I am unbelievably sore... I can't possibly do that for another week, so I am back on my elliptical, which is fine. I think though it will be good for me to do a few other things like sit ups and maybe some push-ups. I am finally a couple pounds below 130 and that makes me happy. I hope to just keep on going - so far it isn't too much of a drag to exercise. I am sad though because if I were just a couple inches taller I think my hips wouldn't be so big.
I am happy about today b/c that means there's no where to go this morning or afternoon, so I can wash some bedding and play with the girls. Peter is gone all day to meetings so that probably means we can have something fun for lunch ;)   I  better get started on some washing so I can get done before nap time.  Here are some fun pictures from the last couple days:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday Photo Bliss

Came across a blog that is posting a favorite photo of the week -- this would have to be my favorite... I wish i could do more editing to this, but it is still cute the way it is 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

catching up

Today I finally got, sort of, caught up around the house. I cleaned the kitchen and got some garbage emptied. I had voice lessons today and as I was leaving Warren I stopped by Annabelles Wish for a tiny bit, which i NEVER go there, but I thought maybe I'd just look. I found a cute, but rather large, purse! And a really nice billfold that i have been wanting for a few years, but hadn't found one.I did think it was big, but when I brought it home, Peter confirmed it and now I am a bit shy to lug it around... oh well :)  I am so excited that tomorrow we don't have anywhere to go and can just be with each other.  I hope it can be a fun, yet productive day. I know there's a few things that we could get done and it would take obviously less time if both of us did them. Peter is always so supportive of my working out so I am glad that I will be able to work out twice tomorrow. It is always so much easier to do it in smaller increments rather than a whole 45 minutes. Sometimes I just don't have 45 minutes.

I thought I would post a couple of photos from my mini photo shoot with a friend from bible study.  I hope she doesn't mind... not many people read so it's probably okay. Let me know Kari!  Off to bed!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

faithful blogger

= not me lately! I have been trying to find time to even write a little paragraph once in a while but it just hasn't happened. I can't even really tell you what i've been busy with lately because there's been so much!  I have lost 3 total pounds, which isn't much but it is something at least. The first week I hardly lost a thing but the second week was much better. Valentine's day was so much fun, going on a date the Saturday before (movie and dinner) and then I took some pictures for a friend on Sunday, and Monday we had fun with the girls -- giving them Valentines and tasty treats.

One of my fav. gifts from V-day was my NIV/The Message bible I got from Peter. What a sweetie. We went to a couple basketball games in the last week and have finished a few projects in the house. I can also proudly say that Maddy is doing much better at night and during naps... she is taking naps now and not crying as much when it's time to go to sleep. I'm not sure what happened, except that we prayed over her room and rebuked Satan (which sounds weird, i know)  but Satan causes fear and thoughts in everyone's mind... it worked for Kate's potty training and it worked for Maddy.... i don't think it's a coincidence! I haven't had time to do any crafts, but i realize i have to pick my priorities... working out, cleaning, bible studies and pictures are a priority in my time when the kids nap or are in bed -but i do have many fun projects that I am hopeful to start within the next month or so. Anyway, thanks for reading, off to bed!
(fav. pics from this week)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

love my family

Today has been sort of a whirlwind... i'll spare you the details but it definitely seemed long.  I am concerned because Maddy has been waking up (scared I think) ever since Monday. She didn't nap Sunday and didn't nap today... she has screamed for a solid 20-30 minutes with me trying to rock her to sleep....though it never helps because she wakes up as soon as I put her back and then we start back at number 1 again.  Not sure what to do... I am hoping it has something to do with her teeth but it feels like she is really afraid to be in her crib. I feel like I am a mom to a newborn only worse... she has gotten up in the middle of the night every night this week, and when I try to put her back she screams.  :(    I wonder what's wrong?

I have been doing well otherwise with my diet and exercising. I guess I can't really call it a diet... I just eat more moderately and cut out sweets.  I keep in check with my calories and try to with my carbs and have a strong drive for exercising. I am thankful that i WANT to exercise. Hope that never goes away!  These are from the past few days...

After a day like today it is really encouraging to get support back from loved ones...can tell they really care!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

good calorie day

Today  I was super impressed with my meal choices. For lunch I had a 100 calorie progressive soup (it was good too) and a salad. I hosted bible study tonight and didn't even take a bite of my strawberry shortcake (pictures tomorrow)  - I worked out twice, once in the morning for 25 and then another 25 during nap time. For supper we had hamburger rice hot-dish, which I don't think was too smart but I ate a small portion and mostly salad.

I am still taking pictures, just not editing or posting.That makes it exhausting! To carve out time out of your day just to edit and post a picture? every DAY? That's hard. Tonight I've finally  had time to be on the computer-- and I am loving that I dont have a lot of time for the computer. The only reason I am on tonight after bible study is because Peter is on the phone with a good friend. :) I am learning to balance my time and I really feel like this working out thing is really teaching me to balance my time better.  Though I am not always going to have a perfectly clean house (which is hard to swallow sometimes) I have to choose reading my bible studies, working out, and doing moderate cleaning during nap time instead of editing pictures.  And i need to make sure that I am giving my children the appropriate attention they need and my husband the attention he needs.

I think our BS is going to do a 10 week study on balancing life's demands.   I am really excited about it... even if we don't do it as a group, it is something that I NEED!

Monday, February 7, 2011

In control

After last night's snacking party, today I feel in control.  I ate well both meals, and snacked smartly. I also worked out a total of 40 minutes plus my chores today.  I took advantage of nap time (a whole 3 1/2 hours!!!!) to work out, read 3 chapters of my bible study, do most of the laundry, make and search for a partial meal plan, and clean up the kitchen)  Hardly a minute was wasted. (the kids were tired from late nights,  and no naps from the weekend) I also listened to a broadcast on KFNW on taming your family's schedule.. it was pretty good. 

Today I prepared a   Open-faced Tuna Melt  and Pork Chops with Apples & Thyme.  I bought super good bread and used for both of these.  I got filled up just right... in fact I think I might have eaten a little too much for supper. I'm actually full! Though I took pictures for my 365, I didn't get a chance to edit.

Once I figure out how to manage working out and keeping up the house, then I hope to start a project or two...especially finishing kate's quilt and making a quick dress for the girls... and then maddy's quilt. Im being honest by saying I am not looking forward to maddy's quilt.  But if it takes a year... it takes a year!   Better go now!


This week I am hoping will be productive.. mostly in my exercising and diet adventure!  I have lost about a half a pound to a pound (at least that's something in just a few days)  but felt like i totally blew it last night. We went to a superbowl party and there were so many good foods!  What is mostly getting me through it is realizing that it is pathetic for me to feel like I can't get through the day with only a certain amount of calories when there are some who only get one meal a day.

It has begun to be a lot more difficult to get things done since adding working out.  I am really trying to manage my time better and some days it's worked and some days I feel like i've failed miserably. Because it is not effective for me to wake up super early to exercise, I chose not to do that, so it's one more thing I have to add during nap time to do.  It has been really hard keeping up with both studies and unfortunately I missed a whole 4 days last week of one bible study because I didn't have the accountability of going to the actual bible study to get it done.  so anyway, here are some pictures that i quickly edited from yesterday. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Yesterday was a fun day.  I went to Fargo with a friend and we picked up my new elliptical! I know previously I said we couldn't afford one, but the Lord is good and provided again. I have been feeling a nudge that He wants me to take better care of my body... believe it or not God calls us to do that too! We went to the mall, to Joannes, and a bunch of other small stores.  I can't believe we spent 5 hours in Fargo, but it went so quick! I got some cute fabric and I also got two Euro pillows and 4 throw pillows (I will need to sew covers on them) for an unbeatable price.  That was my find for the day. I also got a shirt to make a dress for Kate out of at a thrift store and a ton of books for the kids to read.

When we got home, we got the elliptical upstairs. It was really tricky getting it upstairs but after about 10 minutes, we got it up there. For a while it was starting to get really heavy-- I didn't know quite how we'd do it. I am very thankful that my feet didn't slip on the stairs because it would have come crashing down on top of me.

This morning's work out was not so easy...I haven't worked out since the summer. It was tough to get up earlier but i feel really good right now. I am drinking my shake mix.. and will hopefully make it through the day without cheating :)  Well, it looks like we are all done with breakfast so I better get going... more later!