Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hole in One.

Well today kate peed on the potty!  Only because I cut a hole in her diaper.  How lame is that?  Ugh.  I guess if we couldn't afford diapers I would be really frustrated. But since we can, I am hoping I can just deal with the fact that we are just wasting our money.  I tried to find the cheapest diapers EVER, which I think is just the target brand, so that is what i am buying for Kate. I wish they made just the dumbest diapers ever so I could put those on Kate since all she does is pee in them!!! She wears underwear allll dayyyy longgg. Then she says, I have to go potty, so we put on the diaper, she sits in the potty, and she goes.  That is why I cut a hole in her diaper today, thinking she'd see the peepee in the potty, and think, oh, that wasn't scary.   No. I probably put more fear into her.  I am running out of ideas.

She went to her 3 year appointment yesterday.  I told the dr. about this situation and he recommended that if she is not potty trained in 5 more months (total of 6) to bring her in to a psychologist.   Right now I am rolling my eyes. She's not going to talk to anyone about going on the potty.  I am absolutely lost on what to do about this.   I pray every day about it.  I wish my prayer could be answered!

I asked him if it would be a good idea to take privileges away - such as TV, or having gum, or things that she really likes.. and he said, no. He said to stay positive and don't put anything negative into this situation.  Well, that's not what I read on this website, where an actual pediatric doctor with training said to do. So i am not sure what i am supposed to do.   I do know, that today I got into a pretty sad mood. I feel like the older she gets, the more stubborn and hard it will be.  I just feel so useless.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


We went to the parade today and met up with Tom and Robyn Widner. And the bottom one is Becky Abel (peter's relative from Brazil)    It was so nice to have them over. Such loving and wonderful christians! Gotta go, it's date night tonight!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Always Busy!

Yes. Story of my life. I have been so thankful for Emily, who is helping our families this summer. She comes a couple days a week to help watch the girls. I have been spending my time getting 'ahead' in the house and also just getting day-to-day chores done.  The last couple weeks though I have been trying to get large projects complete- such as staining the deck (half done) and staining/varnishing the dining room door, and then just organizing closets, kitchen cupboards, and rooms. I have also been trying to work on my quilt but that has taken the back burner for a week and a half. I haven't touched it for a while, but hopefully that will change next week. This week I have done a lot of baking, a lot of cooking, and a lot of cleaning. On the days that Emily is not here I just spend with my girls. No cleaning. Yesterday I took them to Peters baseball game, to DQ, and to the park. Yes, they went to bed about 9:30 which is wayyyy late! But it was so worth it. Maddy was happy almost the whole time, which is very rare, and kate had a blast.  Here are my favorite pictures from the weekend and part of this week: *PS This is Julia, my new niece!

I just realized that I never posted anything about Kate's birthday party. Oh well. It went good. I will have to post some other time. Right now I need to do my devotions and then its off to bed for this tired momma!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cards Galore!

In the past few days, I've had to make many cards. I am pretty pleased how they turned out. Two birthdays, and 3 father's day cards.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am in a bad mood right now. It mostly started when Kate fell and hit her head, then maddy had a huge tantrum, and then I burned my granola. Then other things got me in a bad mood.   Anyway.. here is some of kate's quilt i've been working on....finally getting pictures up.  I will most likely go work on that in a little bit.

Here's Kate on her 3rd birthday


Today has been so sweet.  For the past 2 weeks I have been doing a Bible Study called "Discerning The Voice of God". I haven't been able to attend the meetings but I have done my homework, and finally yesterday I was able to go, because all was well in our house.  This last week has been especially sweet, because I have really felt the holy spirit speaking to me.

Before I go on, I don't want you to think, #1. I am boasting, or #2 I am crazy.  I give all glory to God. That is what is supposed to happen. If you truly believe in God, He is supposed to direct your life. Once you become a believer, the holy spirit takes residence in you. He is always there, though you might not want or care to listen.   Back in the Old Testament, the only way God would speak to people was through prophets, or if it was an occasion where you REALLY needed direction, he would appear and speak to you. Otherwise, you were pretty much in the dark! Now, if you believe God is real, and is your savior, he is available 24/7 and what peace He brings when you realize that He knows exactly what is best for you!

So, I've been doing my bible study like everyone else, when all of a sudden I sense that God is telling me to take some focus off of some of the things I've been into lately. I didn't understand how I could do this because I think it is good to have hobbies, but in my free time (such as naps, or after the girls would go to bed) I would be working on my quilt, or uploading photos, editing photos, or cleaning. I should be spending more time with God. And each day that I did my study, things would pop out at me, that made me know and confirm that this is what God wanted me to do.  So, today I woke up at 5:50, peter is gone by now working in the field before the rain comes, but I decide to let God know that if he wants me to get up early, to wake me up at 6:30 or whenever so I could spend some time with him.  Well, 10 minutes later I am still not falling asleep. So I just get up. This morning I spent about 30 minutes reading my bible study and once again it was confirmed to me that He wanted me to do this. There were lots of opportunities in this bible study passage to look up different books of the bible.  This bible study was about God being persistent. He keeps knocking on your heart... but you have to make that choice whether or not to listen. 

One thing that is so awesome is how even though you resist God, he still calls to you. Even when you become a believer, the holy spirit still tries to mold you so that your desires for God get stronger, and you begin to be passionate about what God is passionate about. You love what God loves, and you hate what God hates. All these things that mattered a lot to you before you intimately knew God, doesn't matter anymore.  I remember when I was in high school... I thought, "Okay, I really want to know God, but I don't want to be one of those really religious people. And I don't want to do it now, how about 10 years when I'm married. I mean, I believe in God... so I'll be fine for now".   In my church, I will just always remember this testimony that was was a man who was asked the question, "Why are you a Christian?" and he said "Burning in hell forever scares me". I just thought that was so powerful.  Trust me, if you ask God to transform your heart, He will.  It might take some time, but He really will. And your thoughts of "I don't want to be that religious, because it's nerdy, or because - what will people think of me, - I won't get to do anything fun anymore like drinking or gossiping or whatever."  When your heart and mind is transformed, those things aren't a care in the world anymore. Your heart will be changed and it WONT BE HARD!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Well it seems like every week there's more and more things added to my list.  I got quite a lot checked off this weekend, (To my surprise) and that made me super happy. I got quite a lot done on my quilt, i finished staining my door (hallelujah) and I did some work on the shrubs. This week I've got Kate's birthday to prepare for, which really isnt much because I purposely am trying to make it as low key as possible. The invitations were easy, which i forgot to post and will soon, and the food is going to be super easy too. Nothing really to prepare for except the cake, and that will be the easiest cake I'll have made so far.  I suppose I will make some ice cream but that won't take long. 

Last night I took away Maddy's bottle, which is completely embarrassing on my part, but I couldnt help it. I just didnt want to let go of my baby. But it's time now, and we read a book and she didnt even cry! She still has the pacifier but I will wait a couple weeks to take that away. 

Today I plan to do laundry, work more on my quilt, and try to de-clutter. Emily (cousin on Hvidsten side) is coming over to help watch the kids so I can get some things done. I hope to get a lot accomplished today. Later I will post some pictures of my progress with the quilt, but for now I've got to go!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Last night was supposed to be date night. But because we were both tired, we skipped it. I begged my oldest sister to come take the kids for a few hours. She's involved with the ambulance crew, and was on call, but in case she had to leave, my parents would have took over and we would have picked up the kids.  It was so nice to be at home and have a little break.  Maddy is teething, so the constant whining and crying has been overwhelming. And she actually slept in til 7:15 today, instead of 6!!  I'm so thankful.

I decided to ask my sister to take the kids because I hardly ever get help and I just need to be asking more, especially if they're wanting and willing to see the girls.  I just have a hard time bothering people when I feel I am fully capable of taking care of them myself. There's nothing wrong with a break once in a while :) It felt soo good!! We ate dinner in silence and I didnt have to get up once during the meal. Then i cleaned up a little bit and Peter wanted to go look at the bean field next to town. So we went to the store to get some more popsicles and checked out the field. We were going to start the movie at 7 but decided to just relax. I worked on my quilt!! I finished cutting on the first page of my directions and began to pin actual blocks!! After i sew those together, I have more cutting to do (boo) and then i get to sew more blocks together, bigger blocks. I am hoping today I can do some sewing. Whether its during nap or if peter feels well enough to watch them for a little bit. It would have been nice to get it done for kates birthday but... its already in one week. There's no way I can get it done, especially if I get sick.  I am praying really hard I don't get sick.  I really want to go to church, and I really want to go to my small group bible study in Kennedy. I've already missed 2 weeks due to sicknesses but I've kept up with my workbook and have watched the dvds for those two sessions.  Anyway, I should start my day now. I will most likely be outside if its not too cold and hopefully we can have a fun day today.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Sickness

Well, i am SICK of this rain!! That's for sure.  It frustrates me because they don't need anymore rain for the crops and I know they have to get some spraying done... particularly for a beet field that has a not so good disease on it, and these rainy conditions are perfect for it to thrive. 

Peter has the flu now.  I am just anticipating that I am next.  It's so weird. It's like the bug is inside of us the whole time, and as soon as one person gets over it, it activates in another.  I wish all of them would have gotten sick at the same time, then it wouldn't be going on 2 weeks almost since Kate got sick.  It lasts several days too.  I just know that when/if I get it,  there will be no one to take care of me, or the kids. It's not like Peter can stay home from work, unless its rainy again.  I just want my family to be healthy again!!!!!!!

Kate is turning 3 next Wednesday.  As much as I miss when she was a little baby, I am excited for this upcoming year. As they get older they learn to talk better and it's fun having conversations with her and finally knowing what she's actually saying. (most of the time)  Its fun to hear her sing.... i bet she can sing at least 30-40 songs. Mostly, I am so excited to see Maddy and Kate play.  I remember when Kate turned 2. I had her in cute toddler clothes and she seemed so old. Here is her baby picture, and the next is when she turned 2

She is wearing my heels. :)   I am excited for Maddy to be that age.  Well that's all for now.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Boy, or Girl?

We missed church on Sunday.   Last Sunday before bed, kate threw up.  So, a whole 6 days later, Maddy wakes up with vomit in her crib. I was to sing in church and bring a salad for potluck and plus we had been looking forward to it all week (like every week, we look forward to going to church).  Oh well. It was a disappointing day, mostly because I wasn't looking forward to the few days ahead of taking care of a sick baby, but it was much better than Kate's episode. Kate hardly ate for 3 days and had no energy, and wouldn't drink anything. I had to basically briber her saying she'd have to go to bed, unless she drank some juice/water or ate something.  Finally it ended up working but it was really exhausting. Plus we couldnt do anything all day, which was really hard for us all since we are used to going outside most of the day. Thankfully Maddy has been good, besides the clingy part and not wanting to take a nap unless she is sleeping in my arms, which isnt necessarily a bad thing :)  I hope I dont get it.  Who will take care of me?

Anyway, tomorrow my sister in law is scheduled to be induced.  It feels like it has been a long time since she first told me she was pregnant (back in early October) but then again it seems like it has gone quickly, mostly because I kept forgetting she was pregnant.  I am in shock that she will be having a newborn baby in her house very soon.  Part of me is scared that her family will get the sickness that we have.  I am praying they don't because that would be absolutely miserable.  I am going to make a guess on names.  I am guessing that if it's a boy, it will be Nicholas. If it is a girl, it will be... Claire.   I am not really sure what sex it will be though.  I guess in my heart I feel like it is a girl, and I know i am totally off on the girl name but have a slight suspicion i have the boy name right.  Anyway,  I am also praying that peter and I will not be having anymore children for at least a couple years :)  Well gotta go, it's 9 pm and peter is home from work!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Date Night

Well last night we watched Avatar. We are currently doing Netflix. So every Friday we get a new movie....and I was really skeptical about Avatar but it was a really good movie !   I loved it. It was 2 hours and 40 minutes I think but we started it early enough to get done at 11:20. We ended up going to bed about 12 and then the girls got up at 6:45.   Today we are going golfing at the Lancaster golf course. I am not thinking I will do very good because its my first time golfing this year. Lots of people from church are going, along with some from the Lancaster church, so it will be fun to hang out and get to know more people.  Then on Sunday I am helping on the worship team and we have a meal afterward at church.  Like always, a fun weekend ahead. We continue to pray for NO RAIN!!

Today is Aria's fundraising rummage sale in Detroit Lakes.  We are also praying that the weather is good... (It's supposed to rain there)  that it doesnt get rained out or prevent people from coming. Now that they know what's wrong with Aria, they have lots of expensive machines to get for Aria so that she can live at home.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Weekend

We finally got our new computer. We ended up getting an Acer. It seems really nice. Well i typed up a couple paragraph about our weekend but it got erased and I have no patience to do it again. We basically spent the weekend at graduations and at our in-laws, meeting Carolines (sister in law) friends from Minneapolis. We had lots of fun, and here's the pictures from that day.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update on Aria

Today I write with complete sadness as I update Aria.  She has been doing well, however her parents met with the DNA specialist to confirm indeed she has a rare DNA disorder.  She is one of 650 cases that has CCHS. If you want to click on the link it explains her breathing problems. Unfortunately this is a life-long battle. I wanted to write quickly this morning about it so that you are encouraged to pray for them. Think of it this way, if you were in their position, wouldnt you feel even a little bit better knowing that people are praying for you? As a parent, this would devestate me.

Another sad but good thing is the Rescue Center in Haiti (link to the side, new kids in the RC) has gotten a few more kids this week. Marlene, age 5 weighs 14 pounds. Can you even believe it?  Rejoice that someone is now taking care of them, but it doesnt mean their bodies will not reject the food they are given. Pray that they can get the nourishment they need.