Saturday, May 14, 2011

questions answered

HELLO!!!! I will try to answer every question I can:

For the banner:   I just went to joannes and picked out the colors I wanted, shabby chic of course, and got about 1/4 of a yard of each to start me out. I cut them into about 3 inch strips with my rotary cutter, and cut and cut and cut until I ran out of fabric.  I am thinking that I went to Joannes about 2 or 3 times at least; I had about 5 different choices of fabric. I made the mistake of getting a half a yard, and then trying to cut them into strips-- bad idea. Obviously they were longer and I didn't want to sew the leftovers. So it'd be better to just get 1/4 of a yard, twice, of the same fabric, if that makes sense.  I went to Lowes for the rope... it was pretty cheap at about $2-3 and had them cut it for me.  Then, all I did to assemble was tie the tops of the fabric onto the rope and let it hang down. The middle I let it hang longer; some were longer than others and that's okay, I wanted the layered affect.

Cake Banner:  I went to a local celebration store (like party city or something) and picked up two white plastic sticks that normally are holders for the helium balloons they have there.

Heres what youll need:

Scrapbook paper (cardstock, in any colors that you’d like)
Small letter stickers (or pre-lettered scrapbook circles)
Measuring spoons
Needle and thread
A pencil
Two straws
Double-sided tape or hot glue glue

I began with a table spoon measuring spoon and traced on my scrapbooking paper (Joannes) that I chose and then I tried to cut out on my white cardstock a slightly bigger circle. I bought some glittery stickers and put them on the colored cardstock, (Michaels) and then glued that to the white cardstock.  Next, thread the needle, then feed it through the first straw near the top. This is hard.. because its really thick straw. You could use a regular straw, too. I just wanted mine to be white. :)  Then when you're finally through the straw, poke the needle through the front of the first circle, on the left side.  Pull the thread through to the back, then poke the needle through the back of the right side. Do this until you get through each circle. Thread the needle through the second straw.  Center the circles between the straws, allowing enough room for them to drape a little, then cut the thread and tie the ends off on both sides. I just kind of let my string hang in case something happened to my banner, i could pull the thread to straighten it out.

Drinking straws, found here.
Lollypops, ordered here. (though I see they are sold out)
Cake pop recipe and tutorial here  The only difference is that I just dipped them as they were (after in the freezer for a while) and used pink and blue candy melts. I did use a little oil in the candy melts so they weren't as thick. Be quick! The cake pops will fall off your stick if you are not quick. It is time consuming but thankfully I could work on them all day. I would just keep my cake pops in the fridge, and do a few at a time and just reheat my candy melts.

Cupcake Stands:

I purchased the candle sticks here. I bought the unfinished wood pieces at Michaels - they are about 20 cents a peice. Easy! I spray painted each of them first, and then hot glued the wood pieces together, and then sprayed painted again. This was a long process, too, because it needed several coats.

Cupcake Wrapper tutorial found here and here, though I used doilies, mine were extremely frail and fell over. So i just used my card stock paper, found at Joannes.

Ruffle Garland inspired through a few different places but here's a book mark I had here and here
to help teach me how to make the ruffle. Eventually I needed help from my mother in law because my sewing machine was acting up.


I cut out a template from my cricut machine and taped them onto the mason jars. Then I just took my chalkboard paint, and globbed it on. This took several, several coats but eventually after the paint finally 'took' it was easier to apply. It dries quickly so you can do several in a day. Just make sure you are very careful when you take off the template (I cut out several templates, it would be a pain to have to retape for each) when I'd pull off my template, the paint came with it. Eventually I just blobbed a template of my own on because I was sick of it!

Her dress brand name is "Biscotti" - I can't remember what type of dress though, I got it off of Ebay. These dresses are pretty spendy but I lucked out and found one on Ebay. I can't remember exactly what other questions there were because all of the comments were erased, but I'll add to this once new questions are asked. Hope this helps!


  1. Thank you for sharing the how to's for your daughter's birthday! You did a fantastic job!

  2. thank you :) I hope it was helpful!

  3. Thank you! I can't wait to make the cake banner. :)

  4. Love the banner! Would you mind sharing how you hung it on the wall??