Friday, October 29, 2010


I would say this week has been most fun since............ I can't even remember!  Even though I was sick with a cold and other misc. things, it really was a good week. Mostly, it was great because my hubby was so sweet to me. I think my intentional acts of kindness and building him up has really worked...(thanks to my marriage bible study i'm in) -I make sure to tell him that the help around the house means a lot to me, even if he just did one little thing, I try to tell him it was so helpful to me.  I think overall we have a really great marriage. It meant a lot to me when someone told me, "If I had a boyfriend or was engaged, I could really look up to you and peter as an example".  Aww!

Today was fun because I had my time with my kids and kate is doing well with our projects... however Maddy just kind of walks around but she does listen during story time and music time. Today during nap time I put together 12 acorn napkin rings! It didn't take long at all...especially since Peter offered to help me so I could get done faster. So he drilled most of them and i assembled and made them. I also quickly put together a wreath...these are going towards the silent auction at our church. I don't really feel like posting them tonight so maybe sometime this weekend we will.

well, i guess that's all for now.. it is date night!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

little hands

I will make this quick: Here's a few different photos of the projects i've been up to lately.  The first two pictures are:  handmade baby card, headband, and baby blanket.

This is my chair I got for $10 and plan to redo!!!
And my babies with their little hands making sugar cookies just tonight. They had so much fun.

Today I tried to do laundry, and during nap time I canned some banana peppers (sweet pickled b. peppers) and tasted some of my jalapeno pepper jelly. Yum.  Then I worked on a fabric flower.. i'll have to post pictures of that later when I attach them to headbands. I plan to bring them to our church's silent auction next Monday.   Anywho, I have the sniffles today...... didn't sleep much last night. Hoping tonight will be better!


The weekend and Sunday especially seemed so long!  Peter worked most of Saturday and Sunday we went to church (which was great) and then waited for Kate to get up from her nap and then we left for Fargo!  It didn't really even seem real that we got to go, but it was a celebration of the end of beets; a tradition we've started before the kids were born.

My goal really wasn't to do a lot of shopping... I was planning to get some of my christmas gifts bought, however, I had a coupon that expired (which would have saved me $3) and my husband told me I could not get it b/c I have plenty of time to shop for gifts, and I could get another coupon another day. I think it is definitely smart to wait for sales and coupons, but it is also nice to just have it done. With two large families to shop for, 8 birthdays (including mine), two weddings, two bridal showers, and 13 family members, not including our own) that we have to buy for, it is wise to start EARLY!

Some really neat finds that I came across was a $10 chair at a thrift store.  I am going to stain it, and reupholster it.  I am also trying to make subtle changes in the house, like window coverings and lamps, etc. So that is what we looked at while in Fargo.  I also got some fabric for headbands and barrettes. I am excited to start those sometime soon!  I forgot; on Saturday during nap I did start on two pages of Kate's 1-2 scrapbook.  I had sworn to myself that I just wouldn't do much of that since I have a few new crafts that I've been getting into.. but then i realized....... they don't need to be super fancy. Why can't I just throw a few pictures on the paper and embellish lightly? When i scrapbook, I always try to be super original and creative... and I don't have to be. It doesn't have to look like it came out of a magazine.  So,  to do a couple pages a month, which can literally take 30 minutes if I keep it simple.  SIMPLE.. That is my goal!

Pictures to come.

Friday, October 22, 2010


I had this post saved for last night (uploaded pictures during the day so i could type at night) but i didn't get to it. Peter was playing guitar and I was watching him. Then I did my Beth Moore Bible study for 45 minutes. It was hard to put down!  Anyway,  I am trying to figure out ideas to help with the MESS that invades my house. I thought... what could I do to decrease how much toys and things get dragged  out each day.  My solution:  Putting the door knob covers over both Kate's and Maddy's doors.  That has helped quite a lot.... because I like to keep their room clean, and each day they sneak in there and literally drag all the dolls or stuffed animals, or books, or train sets, all over the floor, and then leave.  They do the same on the first and second floor of the house. It is hard when you have a lot of different rooms to 'mess up'.  So that is my trick as of the last two weeks, and for the most part, it's worked. They can't open those doors. Anyway, time for school!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

first day of "school"

It's all I have time for, but here's a couple pictures from "school".  I had to write it down and plan to keep it for when she's older, but I asked her to draw a thank you paper to God, for everything that she is thankful for: so she drew: Trees, birds, god, and flowers.  She has been drawing suns really well too; the little circles with the stems are the flowers.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

wow, blessed!

This summer has been really busy with meals and doing everything I possibly can to help my busy husband out. I did feel like he appreciated it most of the time, but when you have routines and do it day in and day out, it gets hard.  It is kind of strange, but even though at times it was a lot of work, I loved doing it. Not because I knew I would get reward or to impress him, but I really care about him and want to please him in every way. Last night I was catching up with my "Women making a difference in Marriage" bible study, and it talked about the Virtuous Woman. And though I've read it times before, I never stopped to think about each sentence like I did last night. Peter was on the other side of the bed, reading his bible, when out of no where he said to me: "A wife of noble character, who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.  That's you." That was so sweet of him to say and it is a good reminder, this bible study, for even the little things like, how you greet him at the door... is he coming into a peaceful, tranquil home?  Though this bible study is not exactly the most challenging, like my beth moore is (challenging meaning I am in the word a LOT), it is still helpful and I am still grateful for it. I am trying hard to do both studies.

Anyway, tonight he tells me a gift is on the way... it brings tears to my eyes!  Though what it is, is not important, I try to tell him I don't need it but he insists that this is how he likes to show his appreciation, his love for me.   That is his love language.   I don't know how I got so blessed to have him!  

Monday, October 18, 2010


Today ended up being a pretty good day. I was up for some of the night with an unexpected sore throat but it didn't bother me too much today. It was really painful.........finally at 1:50 i climbed out of bed with my eyes still glued shut and got a cough drop! I guess today kate was up when Peter woke up for work. She said she was really she asked for yogurt and juice, ate it up, and said, "I'm going back to bed".  That is definitely a first in this house.  "Bible Study", as kate calls it, went well today.  It was kind of review from what we were doing in Sunday School but it had a few different activities.  I ordered the CD and one of the children's bibles that go with it, along with 4-5 other Christmas gifts today too.  The whole lesson took 45 minutes, which isn't too bad. I actually thought it would take less.... so this is good! Parts were boring because she's been able to read ABCs and 123s for quite a while, but I think it will be good for Maddy to review. It was fun because when we went to her preschool screening, the nurse said she was the only one so far that could read letters. It made me feel like I did something right...especially when at times I feel like a complete failure. We also practiced cutting with a scissor, and to my surprise she caught on faster than I thought.

We also went for a walk this afternoon. We took: two babies, two strollers, and a backpack along.  Maddy kept up at first, but after 1/4 of the block she ditched her stroller. So, for a while I carried a stroller, then I carried Maddy, the baby, and the stroller,  and then Maddy took over and I carried Kate's baby.... and then the stroller got ditched a couple more times. Anyway, my plan is to try to go to bed early tonight. So I better go!! I will post pictures later.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

family devotions

We have been doing some family devotions, or at least I have been when Peter has been gone in beets. On Saturday I got my book so tomorrow I will start that... I quickly ran through it and it seems really good. It is bible based school teaching. Lately I have been convicted HARD about teaching my kids --in my Paul bible study, at church; it seems everywhere I go there is talk of 'training your children " with Godly things. So, I hope this winter will be positive and they learn lots!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

the kitchen

is so intimidating! I asked my sister if she gets a lot of groceries and she said, "Not really".  It makes me think that I am doing way too much cooking. I think a lot of people eat leftovers? For example: I went to the grocery store and power shopped on a Wednesday. By Monday I had at least 10 things on my list that I needed to buy, and I go to the grocery store non-stop in town.  I do a 2 week meal plan and everything.  What is your secret? Our grocery bill is through the roof.

Anyway, today went well. I uploaded photos because I am behind a few months in printing, so I want to get that done with soon. I washed sheets, played outside, and brought food out to some of the beet crew. We rode with for a little bit and then baths & bedtime followed.  I can't tell you what a relief it will be for the completion of beets. It hasn't even gone bad this year, or even really that long... to me, the end of beets means the beginning of more time with Peter. Something I have been longing for since planting began. I am so blessed to have a marriage like I do.  Anyway, It is time for bed again and I am having lots of fun doing my B Moore study!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

almost done

Today really flew by. I left the house at 8:50 and got to BS at 9:30. BS was good today.  Really convicting, as always. I am hoping to do a couple this year, even if I have to do one myself!  Maybe my church will let me borrow one :) One thing I took away from BS was Isaiah 50: 4-5. She talked about really being a teachable student... always looking to be taught. That God gives us instruction to help those who are weary. If we choose to be in the word, and not rebel like it says, he will equip us with things to say - we are to be still and listen, wanting to be taught. How sweet is it, though, to wake each morning and listen cheerfully to what God needs to tell us, and not rebel and wait a few days.   Anyway, I am about to go to bed and finish the rest of day 1 of my study. Today was productive in the sense that I spent time looking and completing the girls' Christmas lists, added things to my cart for other gifts I plan to buy for Christmas, and ordered curriculum for the girls. I am excited to get started. I am mostly excited because it will really give me a structured routine to my day, which will be helpful during the long winter when we are inside most days.

Tomorrow I guess I plan to make a couple meals and most likely bring one out to the field, other than that, I hope to clean a bit and maybe make some headbands. I have no interest in being crafty these days.  It was hard for me to fall asleep last night so I am tired; I didn't even hear peter come in, which was around 3 or 4 last night. Countdown to beets being over is approximately 3-4 days, given that we are not shut down due to heat, (which is possible on Friday!)  Anyway, Beth Moore is waiting for me!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

granola and yogurt

we have gotten back into granola and yogurt. The last time I had this was in July I bet. This time I added pumpkin seeds and it really does make a difference. I'm just not at all a cereal person; i'd rather have a muffin or scone.  so far in about 3 or 4 days we've gone through 1 1/2 thirty-two oz yogurts.  Everyone except peter is eating yogurt!

I am really looking forward to my Beth Moore Bible study on Wednesday morning. I normally have voice lessons then but am looking to switch to Thursday. My mom said she was willing to watch the girls on this date so, we'll see how long i can keep up with the two. I don't love having something going on every day.. it just makes the week go by way too quick and I want to enjoy being home with the girls. They're growing up too fast.

Last night we went to GF to get some stuff before round 2 of beets. Peter got some things for the truck drivers at Sams and dropped me off at Joannes.  I bought a bunch of different material to make fabric flowers with, and then I found these two peices of material that were in the clearance section, but then had an extra 1/2 off!  So i paid 6 dollars for 2 yards of really nice material. I think it was even upholstery material... i'm not sure. I plan to make a pillow out of it for someone. Not sure who. Our church will be having a silent auction and i was thinking about making something for it, either something sewed, or a wreath, with my vine from my backyard.  well i should go and get started on dishes. The kids are happily listening to music and playing babies. They really are best friends.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

family pictures

It has been so weird lately. Last weekend when we took the kids' pictures, it was freezing cold. Now today, I could have gotten a tan and we were swatting away tons of mosquitoes!! We were taking fall pictures but wearing not so fall clothing. Here are the pictures we took, very quickly... and the one to the right was taken sometime this week. As I was checking on Kate... I just couldn't resist....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

a quick trip

we took a quick trip to fargo and it was fun! I got some cute clothes for the girls and just was able to get away from making meals and finding things to do. Kate went to Awana and we stayed behind to play with Olivia. They even slept til 8! I didn't get many deals today but it was still fun to look around. I don't get to Fargo too often. Tonight I should really try to get to bed early - I have been behind in sleep since beets started. I am excited because we are done with Soybeans!!! The weather is so nice, but on the downside, beets will be shut down this weekend, which can be a nice break but it would be better if we could just keep going to finish. Everywhere I go, wives are complaining about beets and having to keep the house quiet, at least for part of the time, and most want beets to be done soon! I sure hope rain will stay away... I have high hopes to be able to go to Women Of Faith on the weekend of the praying beets will be done before then. Well i really have nothing to say, just wanting to make a post. I am hopeful that this weekend I can can spaghetti sauce with my bags of tomatoes that are in the fridge!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

big girl



I have been really tired lately (no, i'm not pregnant!)  I had been staying up way too late friday and saturday night and still waking up early, so it is catching up with me, for sure.  Kate's fear of the potty is pretty much gone. She goes on both toilets, she went at a restaurant, and ECFE tonight, she wears underwear during nap
time and bedtime, she actually just goes to the big potty when she needs to and doesn't ask for help, she has been brushing her teeth with real toothpaste and spitting (though she calls it spilling).  Next year she's starting preschool.... where does the time go?!  It will be fun to see Maddy at her age. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

photo shoot

This weekend has been pretty fun. We mostly had something going on every day.. so that is always good, especially in the mornings because Peter has been working a lot of hours, and not getting much sleep. The first day he worked 20 hours, and last night he worked til 5, and got 5 hours of sleep. It is hard to keep quiet mainly because we spend a lot of time playing in their rooms and I can't keep them from slamming doors! Saturday we stayed busy in the morning and after nap we did our photo shoot that my sister and I planned a little while ago. We thought it'd be fun to use props.  Though at the time, it seemed like the pictures were not going to turn out at all, mostly because Maddy was crying most of the time and Kate was bored out of her mind. She just wanted to play, and I don't blame her!

Today I went to church alone, which was sad but doable. I loaded all my supplies up for sunday school and got through teaching 6 between 1-3.. in a small room. that was busy.  We had crying kids, kids wanting to escape, some that did what they wanted, and I didn't even really get through one thing that I had planned. Oh well. At least I got to mention God. :)    I napped today because I, too, have been getting to bed really late. We went to my parents for supper because they invited us so we ate, and I was going to go home at 7:30 but decided to stay for baths. So, I bathed them and left, and ended up getting into an accident.  A very minor one, but I almost hit a deer, so I slammed on my breaks to avoid the deer and the girl who was going about 90 miles an hour behind me and tailgating me for about 10 seconds clipped the side of my vehicle.  I am still in shock that it happened.  I am mostly upset because we will have to pay for our vehicle even though she was following way too close and going way too fast (even have a witness) so I am going to see what we can do about that. I wasn't even going to mention this but I am just really annoyed by it.  I hope it can be worked out smoothly. I just feel very blessed that no one was hurt obviously, but to have left at that same moment is for a reason I can't even explain or try to understand. My thoughts are that if I wouldnt have been there, this girl would have hit the deer at a very high speed, with a semi driver behind her, mind you.. and lots more could have happened.  Or maybe this is a lesson not to drive at night during beets? Or maybe it's a lesson for her not to tailgate?  Sad. Anyway! Here's the rest of the sweet photos.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

We did it?!

Yesterday was  a pretty good day. So far I have stayed busy enough to not notice that peter is gone. He happily informed me that if everything goes just right... today would mark 7 days left of Beet Harvest. But, because of rain and warm weather, that usually puts a stop to beets. Next week we are banking that Monday-Wednesday we will at least be shut down during the day due to heat.  That kind of stinks but then at least they will be able to put long hours into soy bean harvest. But I would definitely prefer to keep going with beets.  Anyway I am just jabbering.

I remember with Kate, I would stay up and do my bible studies or write in my journal -- this would give me more freedom to get more work done around the house for sure, which is always helpful.

Speaking of Kate, we went to her preschool screening. She is doing great with everything, which is good to hear. I remember telling Peter today, and my sister-in-law, that she has a year to go on the potty, or else she can't be in preschool.  And I remember hearing..."well, you have a whole year, she should do it by then"  -- I said.."You never know..!"  just knowing how stubborn and scared she is. Well, I have had a talk with her the last couple of days saying that she has go to on the BIG potty eventually, and we can't go to school unless she does that.  So, ok... she wakes up from her nap yesterday and says, "I want to go on the big potty!"  Obviously I am surprised so I let her and she climbed right up, told me to go away (after I put the potty chair as a stepping stool below her) and she peed.  I couldn't tell for sure because Maddy was crying in the background and I couldn't quite tell if there had been any drops in there... but then the next time she sat on there, i could hear some trickles.  So, as I write this, I am honestly wrinkling my face in disbelief.  Wow, God is working miracles in my home.  I can't even believe how the last year has been. God is revealing things to us all the time, and it is comforting to know we are in His care.  More later.