Monday, January 10, 2011


While yesterday was a bad day (in many ways) my Boston Cream Pie was a success. We went shopping in Fargo on Saturday for Peter's Birthday and after getting home at 9:15, the cake was in the oven by 9:45 and most of it stuck to the pan. And crumbled.  But.... to my surprise, I did not panic. You see, this is expected while making this yearly Boston Cream Pie (and has happened before).  I also forgot to mention I ran out of sugar so I had to call my neighbor for some. Thankfully she had enough for my cake. Anyway, So, I somehow got it out of the pan and pieced it back together, waited for it to completely cool, and sawed it horizontally in half... and then that was it. No one even noticed. The filling was exceptional, and the chocolate ganache was really good too!

We made ufta tacos for supper yesterday and with the leftover store-bought bread dough; we are enjoying two loaves of semi-homemade bread.  If you remember, part of my NY resolution was baking more. This counts, right?

Today I have hundreds of pounds of laundry to do... take down our tree (finally) and going to our churchs' woman's meeting tonight. It seems already it's going to be a busy week. A shout out to Kelsey for watching the kids all day at our house... they were in bed when we got home and she even cleaned up the house for us. Well, better go.  I thought i'd share a cute websites too...  - Looks easy enough to try!  Til later

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