Saturday, January 1, 2011

snowed in

on my birthday I left the kids at my mother-in-laws, and we went shopping. I was in desperate need to shop for birthday gifts and to look for items to furnish the house. I picked up another set of curtains for my living room and ideas at the Antique Mall for bedroom and living rooms. My hunt was on for a small sofa table, possible "tea" table for the front living room, and items for the family room in the back of the house.  I didn't have much luck because I've got an opinionated husband, but I did get a lamp stand for Maddy's room, and a black rocker (supposed to be a 1st year present, but none could be found at the time).

We seem to be playing a lot of play dough lately, and eating our share of pretend food. With all this 'time off'... I am not sure if I can come up with new things to do! I am hoping one of these days we can go outside to pass some of the time away because I really am quite bored!   Here are some cute pics from today, along with a photo of my table for miss maddy's room. Most aren't clear but still cute.

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