Monday, January 17, 2011


hello all, today is monday! busy monday.  clothes-washing monday. in our house lately we have been crossing things off our to-do list like crazy. It is really nice. I have been trying to stay motivated to get as much work done as I can, and of course to stay on top of my two bible studies I am in.  During winter, it is definitely hard to stay motivated. Because I am not as active with going for walks, etc, it is hard to find the energy.

Today I made a turkey for supper and some lemon bread. I washed a bunch of clothes and cleaned up mess after mess after mess. I did a lot of dishes too. This week in our house Peter is working on lifting up some of the carpet from the trim boards in all the bedrooms downstairs. He will spray some insulation foam to insulate the cracks under the baseboard trim.  There's about an inch + gap and cold air is coming in !! It gets so cold in all three rooms. I once put a wet towel on the floor by the trim board and the next morning it was hard.... like almost frozen.  Disgusting right... $$ out the door. So last week when I proposed a list get worked on, this was #2.  Anyway. I guess there is hardwood in Kates and our bedroom, pretty positive about the front living room too, which is really exciting to me. Peter would rather have carpet.... i'll try to change his mind! Here's some pictures edited recently:

 wedding scrapbook mess:

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