Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Homeschool Weeks 2-5

In my life this week… 

I've been very overwhelmed. I've had so much on my plate, yet I've been able to, with Gods strength, pull it off! I'm so grateful to God for his vision and his wisdom, and his passion in me to get my work done. With baking, cooking and
bringing meals out, school, packing, church responsibilities, it was about time for a break. I just didn't know I needed one until I got one.  It wasn't my idea, and I was completely resistant, but Peter was persistent in taking us to Minneapolis for a couple of days. And though I felt stressed at how it would set me back in school, house duties, and etc, I went along. It was an answer to prayer, really. We needed to get away for our marriage, too. Every marriage needs a re-charge. And we sure got one. I'm so thankful, I was moved to tears. 

In our homeschool this week…

I feel like it's not fair to comment on this one because we've had one day so far (today is Wednesday) but I did catch them up on their reading before I left, so all they had were their worksheets to do, which grandma so graciously helped them with. Plus she washed all their clothes, which was a huge help! It was hard to get back in it; not for me, but for the kids. That's to be expected. Sometimes its hard because they expect a lot of playing time, and because we school at home, its hard for them to resist that temptation. It has been really fun, though, to go through flashcards with math, and really seeing them 'get it'. I never was good at math, so my goal, with Gods help, is to really set a GOOD, SOLID foundation for them so they will not have as much trouble later on in their schooling career. 

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We went to Minneapolis like I stated before, from late Sunday to early Tuesday. both Sunday and Tuesday were driving only days. No stops. So Monday we just took it all in and tried to enjoy as best as possible. We shopped, had coffee dates, went to a baseball game, and visited fun restaurants. I also spent some time reading in the car to both of us. That was a good way for us to gain knowledge in marriage and parenting. We're also doing gymnastics this year. Weekly visits have been fun; not tiring yet, unless you have to rush home and make supper! 

The WEDDING! I almost forgot! We celebrated my youngest sister's wedding last week! It was perfect.


My favorite thing this week was... 

Our whole trip to the cities. All of it. It was a dream! 

Things I'm working on...

I'm working on drinking more water. I just bought a new Camelbak and I'm hoping this will help! I'm working on being a woman who shows honor to god in all she does, who honors her husband and who's children calls her blessed. (see Proverbs 31)  Basically the whole chapter is what i'm working on. Also being intentional about my time. Using it wisely. Investing in the kids. Support for my husband. Taking care of my home but not tiring myself out. 

Things I'm cooking...

 Pumpkin donuts. Lots of crockpot meals, cookies to the right! LOTS of cookies, bars, muffins, etc for church. I made a round steak(swiss steak) tonight with a homemade gravy instead of the traditional tomato type sauce. It was really good. 






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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of School

Today was our first day of homeschool. Officially.  I had gotten my curriculum in July and made sure to test it out before we started.  Boy, I am sure glad that I did!  It would have been completely overwhelming if I hadn't. There is so much.  So very much to go through. I actually had to toss out one of my spelling programs because it was just too much.  I even ran out of time today. 

It is so much different than last year.  Not just because Maddy is now in kindergarten, but Kate still just needs so much attention. Each lesson is new, so it requires actual teaching. Last year, there was one big lesson, and the rest of the week was review. This year it seems like I have to teach new concepts each time, and not just for one subject, but almost all of them! So every subject seems to take 45 minutes.  This is leaving me having to balance things out just perfectly and feeling like I really have to be working and moving and "doing" every part of the day. Once I slack, I get behind. So, obviously that won't last very long, so I am working on how we can make that work. 

I am really seeking Gods wisdom in all of this.  The how's, the when's, the what's, especially.  What do I teach.... do I have too much? Too little?  I love that we can spend time on the things that they just do not get. Extra time that they wouldn't have in school.   I also think it will take a bit for all of us to get used to all this school stimulation.  Here's some highlights from the last few days.

3rd annual dirt cake as their first day of school snack.

"welcome back to school"

finished Charlottes Webb! We got to watch the movie.