Thursday, September 30, 2010


      Today I spent nap time filling out paperwork for Kate's preschool screening tomorrow! That seems odd. I can't believe that Kate is that old already.  Today is also the last day before beets start.  Nothing really monumental about it... just... hard to believe. I remember when summer first started. That really seems like just a week ago!!!!!  After all these harvests we've had... including the not so popular beet harvest coming up, I can say I am ready for the new season to begin. I just want to be able to have date night back again and just to be able to spent more time as a family. It is so cute to watch the girls scream and jump and run to their daddy. I am sure he feels really appreciated too. I tried to finish up editing pictures for the ceremony I was asked to casually photograph. Here's some of the pictures that turned out: 

They actually didn't turn out too bad, and there's lots more, I just have already uploaded them somewhere else and don't have a ton of time to blog today.  I have been searching and searching for meals to make during beets, but I just can't come up with any new and easy meal plans. I really haven't found anything, except yesterday I did make Eggplant Feta Phyllo Pies.  They were good, but peter was not a fan.  I paired it with a salad.  I better get off here, more later!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 days...

I never loved fall as much as I do this year.  All the colors are so pretty for taking pictures. This is my neighbor, who came to visit while the kids and I were outside. I took a few pictures of her, an impromptu session, probably 30 seconds worth, and got some cute pictures.  It will be sad for me and picture taking when it gets cold enough to not be able to play outside.  Hopefully we have a mild winter.

I don't have much to say except this last week has been really busy.  I helped with a ceremony on Friday and was busy decorating and trying to clean my own house for the weekend and then was asked to photograph the event.  I was a bit dissapointed... I am glad I don't have the responsibility of a wedding or other big event -- the photos were not as terrific as i'd hoped.  However, I have to remember that i am NOT a professional, i do NOT have a selection of lenses, and I did not have lighting! I didn't even know what to do! I couldn't see anything and there was really no time for posed shots; everything had to be on-the-go and most everything was dimmed.  So, i am trying to work on those.  However, my most fun targets are my kids... and of course outside in the natural light.  I am hoping to find a spot outside with some cute props. If only they would learn to pose....  -----> there we go~!

Not counting today.... but TWO days left of sanity.  There will be a major celebration once beets are done.   I can't even tell you!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

sew wrong

Yesterday was my voice lessons. I am learning to not be so afraid of doing silly things. The first day she had me reading a story to her to see how wide my mouth gets when I talk. She told me I needed to read it excitedly, with bright eyes and lots of head movement. Completely embarrassing.  Then yesterday she had me pinned against the wall, holding my shoulders down, and I was to say 'ho, ho, ho, ho' with lots of force, and even sing a song with the 'ho's' ;  this was to make sure that my breathing is coming from my stomach and not my chest (which is the reason why I am taking voice lessons). In  the beginning I just felt plain dumb doing those exercises but by the end of the second lesson I was ready to do anything she asked.

Yesterday during nap time I decided to start on the baby blanket for a friend who just had a baby. All i had to do, was cut out two peices of material and sew them together.   Well, I ended up cutting one of the materials the wrong way!  So, i didn't want to waste material so I sewed those two peices together, cut again, and cut all the rest of the material and sewed them, which is a lot more work than it sounds. I dont have a big mat to cut so it's hard for me to do. I almost always mess up. Anyway, i did finish it, just have to iron.

This week I have been reading a lot more of my "so long insecurity' book by beth moore. I am finally at the point in the book where I'm learning things. I also listened to 1 of 5 audio cds for the book "the strong willed child".   Lots of material to digest... once beets come, I am hoping to read a lot more at night and get a lot more done.  By the way... 8 more days...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

go to skoo!

Well, this is the day that Kate has looked forward to ever since we started seriously talking about letting go of our fear of the potty.  Both Kate and Maddy went tonight, and they had a blast! We took home a backpack filled with all kinds of good stuff, and a new book, too. I felt really good taking them, plus, it was a way to get out of the house with other moms and especially other kids for them to play with (and LOTS more toys!)

We did play outside sure is hard staying in when we're used to being outdoors most of the day. Rumor has it that the weather is supposed to be warmer next week so we might slip in a few bike rides and walks! The countdown is on......10 days left of sanity until beets start.

Monday, September 20, 2010

hello monday

After a nice weekend in Detroit Lakes, let me tell you, it was so nice to sleep in my own bed. Not because the beds were bad at our hotel (because they weren't, everything was beautiful and wonderful) but because I missed my pillows and my sleep number. I was literally in bed heaven. Not only that, I fell asleep quick! Horray!

In terms of peeing on the potty, though, Kate refused to go in her potty chair in the car, or at a public bathroom, or at the hotel. Finally after some persuading,  she went. I don't think she pooped all weekend though, which was something I was worried about since starting this pee in the potty thing. She, for sure, has had a few tummy aches.  However, yesterday at our stop for ice cream, she complained that she had to go, so we put a diaper on and she crouched down. This was taking a while, like more than 10-15 minutes so we asked if she was done and she said, yes, but I didn't really believe her.  Anyway, before bed, she came into the kitchen crying saying she had to poop. She had already taken off her underwear and tights, and i looked and she had already started to go. So I rushed her to the potty and told her gently to go in the potty, since basically, she had no choice, it was coming!  About 2 minutes later she had gone.  I was so excited. In one week, two fears have escaped her. This morning and tonight she went #2 without even being asked to. Now, the next step is just taking the diaper out of there, which serves no purpose at all, it's just a comfort to her. Then after that, getting over her fear of the big potty. Anyway, time for bed!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

in LOVE!

My first pumpkin dessert of the season. Pumpkin ice cream paired with gingersnap cookies. Yum! The ice cream I would probably make again, although it is quite the process. Ah, the past couple days have been really good for me and God.  So in love!

I have so much to be thankful for. Yet lots of times I just get caught up in wants vs needs and it is hard to just be content.  Right now our farm is in process of combining our soybean field.  WHAT A PRAISE!! It brings tears to my eyes to think how God blesses us without even deserving it. Just trusting and trying to obey. I  might not spend hours praying/reading/worshiping but I believe God has blessed me with a love for music, and that is how I spend a lot of my intimate time with God, is just singing and really meaning the words. Right now I am listening to Beautiful, Beautiful Francesca Battistelli.  Yesterday I was choked up over "Wonderful, Merciful Savior" by Selah.  I got to thinking about how may times God "rescues the souls of men" -- now that is a beautiful song... you should google it and listen to it!

Yikes, i was not planning to say all that but felt led to.  Anyway, today I spent time putting away my summer clothes *tear* - and finished up packing for the girls. I had most of it packed on Monday, believe it or not.  We are going to DL for the weekend to celebrate my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary. Then while i was baking and cleaning up the kitchen, I downloaded a bunch of cds to ITunes so that we'd have a lot to listen to this weekend. I love the kind of work that allows you to multi-task. Put the disk in, walk away!! Woo hoo!

I forgot, this week I finished the acorn picture frame. Kate LOVED helping. She handed me a big acorn, or a little acorn, to fit just the right spot. All we need is a fall picture in there!

I did, also, finish my pillow, except for some reason i didn't take a picture of the finished product. oh well, here is a rough draft, and the next picture is our finished sidewalk.

The girls took a GREAT nap. 3 whole hours allowed me to be able to spend sometime by myself and get some work done. Well, that's all for now. Hoping for a stress-free weekend.

Monday, September 13, 2010


I had lots of fun this weekend. Peter and I had date night Friday night and watched a movie. Saturday morning (last minute) I went to some rummage sales with my sister kelsey. I ended up getting some good stuff!! A canner (probably worth at least 20-30 dollars, a malt machine, a sled for winter, a couple wall decorations, some clothes for kate, play clothes for the girls(!!) and more. I didn't spend very much either which was also great. Plus, it was something to do in the morning.

Then I kind of tried to clean up before 4:30 b/c then we left on another date, without kids, to go to Grand Forks for dinner and shopping. I wanted to go to Joanns for supplies for some fabric flowers and a baby blanket i plan to make for a friend from my GNO who just had a baby. It's going to be really easy, It's just going to be two fabrics, one on one side, and one on the back and a satin border. So, really no cutting blocks and sewing, just finishing. I hope it turns out cute at least. It's not like baby fabric is cheap!  Then yesterday I kind of experimented with some fabric flowers and I did like how it turned out. I made some bigger flowers and I think it would be cuter to have smaller ones. But this week I probably won't do any more with that - kate and i painted the picture frame for our acorn project and soon I will hot glue the acorn caps to the frame. And then I really need to start my pillows soon... my mother in law wrote what dimensions I need to cut so we'll see if they turn out! and kate has been continuing to go on the potty, we just stuff a baby diaper (size 1) in there, and she pees on it. Sounds silly I know, but it is the next step!!! Because the drips roll off the diaper into the potty, she dumps everything in the toilet as if she were just peeing in the potty.  it was relatively easy for this advancement and I owe it all to God. Hopefully soon we can progress to no diapers at all and her fear will be completely gone. well, that's all for now. I better get busy with laundry.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


oh boy, i'm emotional.  I just got done watching "Facing the Giants"-- a film by the Albany Baptist Church, same church who did the Fireproof movie. It was pretty good. Definitely uplifting and encouraging. It is a good reminder to see that we need to do our best in everything we do. Everything. To me, that means being the best mom I can be, the best wife.. whatever I am doing, do it to the best ability I can, while honoring God. Good movie!

It made me thankful for my two little girls.  I just got done reading a blog from Living Proof Live (by the way, Beth Moore, whose blog I just listed, is going to have a simulcast September 18th, which is viewable at the Warren Covenant Church!  I highly.. HIGHLY recommend going. I think the deadline was today, but I am sure they will not turn away anyone who still wants to go)  Anyway, her daughters write too, and Amanda, her daughter, wrote about going to visit a child she sponsors in Guatemala.  It is so hard to even think that kids, adults, and elderly are living this way. How lucky are we, no, how blessed are we to have what we have. We didn't even ask for it. It was just given to us.  Those who are less fortunate, for example, babies who are malnourished, could not help that they are living in families who cannot support themselves. It was not their choice.  I am thankful for all we have.  So I am emotional about that.

We have made a small leap in the most difficult situation I have come across in parenting: fear of the potty.  I finally just broke down, to some advice I was given a month or two ago-- and prayed with kate and peter, over her potty chair. I asked God to take the fear from her, remove satan's attacks (oh I am mad at him) -- God is not putting these thoughts into my daughters head. I prayed that Kate would have a desire to pee in the potty and that her fear would be gone. and we pray over her room too.. b/c the last month she has been so so fearful of the dark and waking up a couple times during the night -- and it's all just becoming very frustrating. I can honestly tell you that this has been working.  All the bribing I've done for kate... the ice cream, pop, candy, tv, anything she wants.. has never worked before.  I am not saying she has gone on the potty... I mean, she has been -- but she has allowed  us to take the diaper and put it IN the potty, and she will pee on it.  Baby steps.   And that is ok.. b/c we are going in the right direction. In my opinion, she has been potty trained since May.. just in a funny, weird, not so normal way :)  She knows what to do, she is just fearful. And I keep praying DAILY that we can get through it.  Because her diaper is not on her, when she pees, it goes off the diaper and into the potty. So when we remove it, there's lots of potty in the potty chair. And she's ok with it. Right now she just has comfort with her diapers.  Pray for her that she can release that fear! Only God can do it!

Today I got my canning done.. (amen) and the last two days i got the bathrooms cleaned, shower, and oven cleaned. My voice lesson went really good.. and I even decorated the outside for fall. The girls had fun helping me.  So thankful for them.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


right now I am overwhelmed with all sorts of new activities I want/need to do. I am itching to start making some cute headbands with hand-made fabric flowers... however I just need to get the supplies. I am tired of not being able to find any cute headbands or paying more than I want to spend on a headband. So i might try to make my own with elastic lace and even if I can find some cute flower to hot glue on, it would still be cheaper! I am excited.

Another thing is that I have to finish Kate's quilt. I haven't found the right fabrics yet though, and it is hard b/c I can't ever get there without kids to fully look, uninterrupted.  I want to make another baby quilt as a gift too, but one that wouldn't have quite as many blocks, just something super quick, but super cute to whip up.

Soon I am going to start on my acorn napkin rings and as soon as I can get some brown paint, I will glue my acorn caps to my picture frame I bought. That will be super easy and super fast.

I found two patterns for maddy's quilt that I will start this winter. One has a ton of applique hearts, and the other resembles kate's but I think cuter.  I hope I am skilled enough to do them!

Other things that I want to work on:  pillow shams for kate's bed, throw pillows for my living room, a jumper and velvet dress for the girls. My mother in law gave me yards and yards of velvet fabric, so I am wondering what I could do with it. Any ideas?

Tomorrow I am starting voice lessons.  I am kind of nervous, and then next week i am starting bible study.  So, soon my free time during naps or after the kids go to bed will have another thing added to my list. Other things i've been asked to do : Nursery coordinator (make schedule for nursery duty, and make sure things in nursery (snacks, etc) are filled up.  Then I felt God nudging me to be the 2-3 yr. old Sunday School teacher!

I am really happy with how i've been keeping up the house; it has really made me less irritable around the house knowing that I am being efficient in cleaning and have time to do other things (besides clean).  I warned Peter that when I have a clean house, I am a happy(er) person, and so far this week he has put away two loads of laundry (without asking) and done the dishes twice.  Oh, he also cleaned out the disgusting garbage. I'm impressed. We have spent lots and lots of time outside, riding trikes, building fires, going for bike rides, and so the house has stayed a little cleaner b/c of that.  So far I am happy with my time management. There's only one major thing left to do:  CANNING! I have to can my tomatoes into salsa, and I am not looking forward to that at all. Last year I did it with a mad Maddy, or kate would call her, saddy maddy, and it was an awful experience, but hopefully this year will go much better. Just wish I had some help with the kids to do it! Here's some pics lately i took, we've been trying to do lots of crafts --paper puppets, necklaces, coloring, etc:

Monday, September 6, 2010


It's Labor Day weekend and I am stuck at home. I can't even express how much I hate beets... Peter had to work yesterday on a Sunday! I was kind of dissapointed, but happy that he went to church. I prayed that God would convict us whether or not it was right to work on Sunday... but peter brought up the point that he spent a lot of time praying about it, and that when it comes to beets, we are working for a company who make the rules... They determine when they're open and etc. So, they worked from 1-7 yesterday. I spent my time this weekend mostly at home. I got a 'visitor' so I felt a-w-f-u-l. Kate has been waking up at least once per night, crying. Sometimes a couple times a night.  I am not sure what to do about this.  Plus the kids are getting over colds so that has been hard for sleeping and napping.

Thursday or Friday night I was surprised with some texts from Emily! She had gotten a hold of my number (she got a phone) so we texted and talked for a while. It was nice to hear from her as we adjust without her.  The kids are definitely acting up!
Kelsey also came over this weekend during nap time to work on her quilt so i helped pin and iron for her. Yesterday I got to make chicken fettuccine for supper since peter was gone. It was yummy.  Today I am not sure what we are going to do. Soon I will shower and eat breakfast and then I am sure we'll figure out something. It is hard for us to adjust to not being able to go outside right away. Or at least it seems unappealing since it's colder out.  what will I do during winter?! Anyway, that's all for now.

Friday, September 3, 2010


well, either the kittens that were first under my deck, then in the front of my house, then one got moved under the deck again while 2 were still at the front of the house, then they were gone the next day... so anyway, either they died (they meowed all day long the next day) or they got moved. I really hope they got moved. I dont know- I kind of felt like the mom abandoned one b/c for sure most of the time I only heard one meowing... and then I thought by 4pm i heard two meows.  That makes me so sad.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Oh man, I am so tired. But do I ever take naps? No. I try but I can't fall asleep no matter how tired I am. Last night after bible study I had a hard time falling asleep but i wasn't up too terribly late. Now the girls are taking naps and I really have no energy. I went for a walk this morning, a pretty good one, but now I am feeling really sluggish and tired. I brought food out to Peter for lunch.. They are digging beets today-Friday so I hope it goes well for them. I always like a quick harvest you know.

I did end up taking a few pictures of the kids yesterday.  I got a few worth keeping... the rest I just have to delete. It is getting bad to where I am wanting to keep every picture. It is ok to only keep a few from each photo shoot b/c I end up taking at least 50-10 photos each time I do a "photo shoot" - and since it is not quite fall yet, I would like to save some for cute hats, coats, pumpkins and leaves!  Will anyone take OUR family picture? :(  I just need someone to snap the picture; I can figure out the settings for you!   Here's some of my favorite shots from yesterday: