Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The weekend and Sunday especially seemed so long!  Peter worked most of Saturday and Sunday we went to church (which was great) and then waited for Kate to get up from her nap and then we left for Fargo!  It didn't really even seem real that we got to go, but it was a celebration of the end of beets; a tradition we've started before the kids were born.

My goal really wasn't to do a lot of shopping... I was planning to get some of my christmas gifts bought, however, I had a coupon that expired (which would have saved me $3) and my husband told me I could not get it b/c I have plenty of time to shop for gifts, and I could get another coupon another day. I think it is definitely smart to wait for sales and coupons, but it is also nice to just have it done. With two large families to shop for, 8 birthdays (including mine), two weddings, two bridal showers, and 13 family members, not including our own) that we have to buy for, it is wise to start EARLY!

Some really neat finds that I came across was a $10 chair at a thrift store.  I am going to stain it, and reupholster it.  I am also trying to make subtle changes in the house, like window coverings and lamps, etc. So that is what we looked at while in Fargo.  I also got some fabric for headbands and barrettes. I am excited to start those sometime soon!  I forgot; on Saturday during nap I did start on two pages of Kate's 1-2 scrapbook.  I had sworn to myself that I just wouldn't do much of that since I have a few new crafts that I've been getting into.. but then i realized....... they don't need to be super fancy. Why can't I just throw a few pictures on the paper and embellish lightly? When i scrapbook, I always try to be super original and creative... and I don't have to be. It doesn't have to look like it came out of a magazine.  So,  to do a couple pages a month, which can literally take 30 minutes if I keep it simple.  SIMPLE.. That is my goal!

Pictures to come.

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