Tuesday, October 26, 2010

little hands

I will make this quick: Here's a few different photos of the projects i've been up to lately.  The first two pictures are:  handmade baby card, headband, and baby blanket.

This is my chair I got for $10 and plan to redo!!!
And my babies with their little hands making sugar cookies just tonight. They had so much fun.

Today I tried to do laundry, and during nap time I canned some banana peppers (sweet pickled b. peppers) and tasted some of my jalapeno pepper jelly. Yum.  Then I worked on a fabric flower.. i'll have to post pictures of that later when I attach them to headbands. I plan to bring them to our church's silent auction next Monday.   Anywho, I have the sniffles today...... didn't sleep much last night. Hoping tonight will be better!

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