Sunday, October 3, 2010

photo shoot

This weekend has been pretty fun. We mostly had something going on every day.. so that is always good, especially in the mornings because Peter has been working a lot of hours, and not getting much sleep. The first day he worked 20 hours, and last night he worked til 5, and got 5 hours of sleep. It is hard to keep quiet mainly because we spend a lot of time playing in their rooms and I can't keep them from slamming doors! Saturday we stayed busy in the morning and after nap we did our photo shoot that my sister and I planned a little while ago. We thought it'd be fun to use props.  Though at the time, it seemed like the pictures were not going to turn out at all, mostly because Maddy was crying most of the time and Kate was bored out of her mind. She just wanted to play, and I don't blame her!

Today I went to church alone, which was sad but doable. I loaded all my supplies up for sunday school and got through teaching 6 between 1-3.. in a small room. that was busy.  We had crying kids, kids wanting to escape, some that did what they wanted, and I didn't even really get through one thing that I had planned. Oh well. At least I got to mention God. :)    I napped today because I, too, have been getting to bed really late. We went to my parents for supper because they invited us so we ate, and I was going to go home at 7:30 but decided to stay for baths. So, I bathed them and left, and ended up getting into an accident.  A very minor one, but I almost hit a deer, so I slammed on my breaks to avoid the deer and the girl who was going about 90 miles an hour behind me and tailgating me for about 10 seconds clipped the side of my vehicle.  I am still in shock that it happened.  I am mostly upset because we will have to pay for our vehicle even though she was following way too close and going way too fast (even have a witness) so I am going to see what we can do about that. I wasn't even going to mention this but I am just really annoyed by it.  I hope it can be worked out smoothly. I just feel very blessed that no one was hurt obviously, but to have left at that same moment is for a reason I can't even explain or try to understand. My thoughts are that if I wouldnt have been there, this girl would have hit the deer at a very high speed, with a semi driver behind her, mind you.. and lots more could have happened.  Or maybe this is a lesson not to drive at night during beets? Or maybe it's a lesson for her not to tailgate?  Sad. Anyway! Here's the rest of the sweet photos.

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