Tuesday, October 5, 2010

big girl



I have been really tired lately (no, i'm not pregnant!)  I had been staying up way too late friday and saturday night and still waking up early, so it is catching up with me, for sure.  Kate's fear of the potty is pretty much gone. She goes on both toilets, she went at a restaurant, and ECFE tonight, she wears underwear during nap
time and bedtime, she actually just goes to the big potty when she needs to and doesn't ask for help, she has been brushing her teeth with real toothpaste and spitting (though she calls it spilling).  Next year she's starting preschool.... where does the time go?!  It will be fun to see Maddy at her age. 

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  1. Love the photo of Maddy and Kate on top! ;) Actually, I love all the photos...especially the one of Maddy peeking behind Kate while they are standing on the chair "doing dishes"!