Friday, October 22, 2010


I had this post saved for last night (uploaded pictures during the day so i could type at night) but i didn't get to it. Peter was playing guitar and I was watching him. Then I did my Beth Moore Bible study for 45 minutes. It was hard to put down!  Anyway,  I am trying to figure out ideas to help with the MESS that invades my house. I thought... what could I do to decrease how much toys and things get dragged  out each day.  My solution:  Putting the door knob covers over both Kate's and Maddy's doors.  That has helped quite a lot.... because I like to keep their room clean, and each day they sneak in there and literally drag all the dolls or stuffed animals, or books, or train sets, all over the floor, and then leave.  They do the same on the first and second floor of the house. It is hard when you have a lot of different rooms to 'mess up'.  So that is my trick as of the last two weeks, and for the most part, it's worked. They can't open those doors. Anyway, time for school!

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