Thursday, October 7, 2010

a quick trip

we took a quick trip to fargo and it was fun! I got some cute clothes for the girls and just was able to get away from making meals and finding things to do. Kate went to Awana and we stayed behind to play with Olivia. They even slept til 8! I didn't get many deals today but it was still fun to look around. I don't get to Fargo too often. Tonight I should really try to get to bed early - I have been behind in sleep since beets started. I am excited because we are done with Soybeans!!! The weather is so nice, but on the downside, beets will be shut down this weekend, which can be a nice break but it would be better if we could just keep going to finish. Everywhere I go, wives are complaining about beets and having to keep the house quiet, at least for part of the time, and most want beets to be done soon! I sure hope rain will stay away... I have high hopes to be able to go to Women Of Faith on the weekend of the praying beets will be done before then. Well i really have nothing to say, just wanting to make a post. I am hopeful that this weekend I can can spaghetti sauce with my bags of tomatoes that are in the fridge!

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