Thursday, October 14, 2010

the kitchen

is so intimidating! I asked my sister if she gets a lot of groceries and she said, "Not really".  It makes me think that I am doing way too much cooking. I think a lot of people eat leftovers? For example: I went to the grocery store and power shopped on a Wednesday. By Monday I had at least 10 things on my list that I needed to buy, and I go to the grocery store non-stop in town.  I do a 2 week meal plan and everything.  What is your secret? Our grocery bill is through the roof.

Anyway, today went well. I uploaded photos because I am behind a few months in printing, so I want to get that done with soon. I washed sheets, played outside, and brought food out to some of the beet crew. We rode with for a little bit and then baths & bedtime followed.  I can't tell you what a relief it will be for the completion of beets. It hasn't even gone bad this year, or even really that long... to me, the end of beets means the beginning of more time with Peter. Something I have been longing for since planting began. I am so blessed to have a marriage like I do.  Anyway, It is time for bed again and I am having lots of fun doing my B Moore study!

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