Friday, October 29, 2010


I would say this week has been most fun since............ I can't even remember!  Even though I was sick with a cold and other misc. things, it really was a good week. Mostly, it was great because my hubby was so sweet to me. I think my intentional acts of kindness and building him up has really worked...(thanks to my marriage bible study i'm in) -I make sure to tell him that the help around the house means a lot to me, even if he just did one little thing, I try to tell him it was so helpful to me.  I think overall we have a really great marriage. It meant a lot to me when someone told me, "If I had a boyfriend or was engaged, I could really look up to you and peter as an example".  Aww!

Today was fun because I had my time with my kids and kate is doing well with our projects... however Maddy just kind of walks around but she does listen during story time and music time. Today during nap time I put together 12 acorn napkin rings! It didn't take long at all...especially since Peter offered to help me so I could get done faster. So he drilled most of them and i assembled and made them. I also quickly put together a wreath...these are going towards the silent auction at our church. I don't really feel like posting them tonight so maybe sometime this weekend we will.

well, i guess that's all for now.. it is date night!

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