Monday, January 30, 2012


Well, we have the flu now.  Maddy threw up just before bed. I was really worried about getting it before my appointment tomorrow which is very important I go....I have tons of questions and really need to get checked out.....Peter says we'll wait and see if she throws up during the night or the morning before my appointment to determine if he'll stay home with her... Just please pray that I don't get stuck bringing a sick child with to my appointment who would most likely throw up sometime during my trip to GF.

In other news: We have been working really hard lately with house stuff. It is all humongously fun, but overwhelming too because it's all basically at once. Last year we had some water damage to our ceiling and our carpet - so insurance will be helping pay for under half of the carpet and ceiling repair. We're picking out carpet and my dad came over to measure. About a month or two ago, we bought some bunk beds for the kids and a dresser. Today we got the dresser put together, but that also meant cleaning out closets, refolding, going through clothing, vacuuming, and we're still not done yet. It might take a while to put the bunk beds together but I am okay with doing things one step at a time. My goal this week is to get every unnecessary item out of the kids' room, separate all the toys that they don't play with much, and just declutter! It is so much work to keep up the house. I have to find a solution to the living room and the toy situation in there. They mostly play in their rooms or sometimes (very rarely) go upstairs, but I feel like they have enough rooms in the house to have toys in, so that might help with the mess in the house.

Thursday Kelsey came over after naps and we were all fighting over who could talk/play with her. It was so much fun. She took all of the photos in the previous post. Friday we got the pleasure of going to Grand Forks without kids while Kelsey babysat, which is so nice to be able to do once in a while. We talked with our kitchen planner for two hours and went through our cupboard layouts, stain, we talked about countertops, and the timeline. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment so I will be able to go back there to see what the estimate is and if this is possible to get done before the baby is born. I'm not sure how this will go if I take Maddy so we'll see. We'll hopefully pick out some handles and other little things too. On Friday we picked out a sink, possible faucet, microwave, and possible back splash.  Possible carpet too. By the time we were at our last store, I nearly fainted again... I really don't know what the problem is but I think it has something to do with overheating.  From there, we went to Owens game which was also very fun. Here's some pictures of that:

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