Thursday, January 26, 2012

the bump gets bigger

 So I guess you know how much I weigh. That's okay. Unfortunately I bet most of it is sweets and unhealthy drinks. It is funny how I spent the whole summer and part of winter eating very healthy, exercising regularly etc, and it totally stopped once the baby came. I think I was overdoing it and just got burnt out. It was almost a relief to be pregnant because then at least I had an excuse to take it easier. I was hoping to gain 25 pounds.... I think I've at least gained somewhere between 15-20 and I've got THREE MORE MONTHS TO GO! Hopefully my weight gain will slow down... though I know that is doubtful since the baby itself has to gain at least 6 more pounds!

Here are some other fun photos we took today...I was hoping to take more but we didn't have much light to work with and the kids really wanted to play with Kelsey (my sister) so this is what we got. Fun though!

Friday we are off to Grand Forks to work with our kitchen planner and hopefully finalize a couple of things soon so we can see how long it will take to make the cabinets. We still have a glimmer of hope but we'll see what she says once we submit everything. We are still praying for wisdom... time for bed before a busy day!

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