Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a good attitude

Yesterday was not a typical Monday. Though I am not at all blaming anyone for my lack of appointments, it is a known fact that once you become a stay at home mother, it is harder and harder to be able to take care of appointments for yourself. You have to work with other people's schedules and lots of times they conflict.  My hair was fried and my eyes were in bad shape so I begged my husband to find a time that I could get these two things taken care of. It just so happened to be in the same day! My hair appointment was at 9am, and my eye appointment was at 11. Both in opposite directions, I was able to stop at home for a quick 10 minutes and on to my next appointment.

It was so nice to have my hair worked on. The whole cut probably took 20-25 minutes (without washing) and after she was done she thought it'd be fun to curl it all! So we talked and laughed and after about a half hour I was shocked at how nice it looked. I can't ever get my hair to look that nice after curling it... and guess what... I STILL have curls after a whole day, and a nights worth of sleeping on them. So, I bought the hair spray and will try her style of curling soon.  My eye appointment also went well, and I am proud to say my icky contacts have been thrown in the garbage and replaced with new ones.

When I got home, I called the kitchen planner and she dissapointingly told me that production time for cabinets are now 8 weeks out. So, it is pretty much impossible to get them done before the baby is born. That is not what we wanted to hear, but at the same time our prayers are being answered and I am grateful. All along we've prayed every single night for several months regarding the kitchen project and our hope was that it would not at all be something that would be stressful or at the wrong time. We still feel like we should keep moving with plans so that when we figure out the best time we can get started, but for now we feel like we just need to wait. A kitchen remodel, a new baby, and planting all at the same time might put us over the edge and that is definitely not what we want.

The day followed with several games of Old Maid; Kate always seemed to win, leaving Peter and I battling over who was going to pick the Old Maid from each others hand. We all were having so much fun. During the time Peter was left at home with the kids until he went to work at 1, he washed 3 loads of laundry, folded and hung 2, cleaned up the kitchen (loaded dishes, washed pots and pans) emptied all the garbage in the house, called a few people, made lunch and probably many other things. Needless to say he wasn't surprised at what happy mood I was in. Later in the night in our devotion time we talked about attitude and how it affects our family. He admitted when I walked in the door it was really nice to see a happy attitude. So nice to 'sort of' switch roles for the morning with me being away and him at home. We talked about our struggles with each others attitude and ways we can help one another out. So, my goal for today... a good attitude.

Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus

Philippians 2:5

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