Tuesday, January 3, 2012


That is a big goal of mine this week. I realize it all can't be done in one week, but we are getting a good head start on it! Yesterday I finally put all the kids' toys away in their rooms, cleaned up the living room a bit, and started on the red cabinet we have. I emptied out all the dishes that were in there, reorganized, and added more platters that were stored elsewhere. I cleaned out the kids' hats/gloves- got those washed (those are also stored in the red cabinet) along with coats, whites, and another load of laundry, cleaned out papers, paid bills, etc. I then started on the built in hutch we have. everything was removed, put  back neatly, linens folded, things tossed, ah! It feels so good to look in there and see it NEAT!

I also know it is not possible to work like that every day but if I get a couple small areas done a day, I think that it would really be beneficial. Peter and I have started playing scrabble at night, too :) It has been so much fun. We are really getting serious about the kitchen remodel and Peter wants to get it done before the baby is born. I am really, really skeptical about this. I don't want any detail to be rushed, so that might mean a lot of work on my part researching and making sure it is not going to be completely chaotic before baby comes.  I will probably have to meet weekly with our designer/planner to make changes.  The one thing I am absolutely worried about is the cost. I've heard that if you have planned a certain amount, double or even triple it, - since it usually is a lot higher than you think.  I have been pinteresting away this week with ideas on drawers, backsplashes, and other kitchen things.  I hope I am not getting my hopes up!

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