Thursday, January 5, 2012

busy day

Tonight we chose to play scrabble over watching a movie.  I am proud of that! The score was: 279 to 215.... Peter won.  We used up every single scrabble letter.  I had the letter Q for the longest time and was not lucky enough to get the U to go with it. It was fun hour though! Today was a really busy day. I tried really hard to get as much done as I could in the morning while Maddy was awake but at home she doesn't do the best when she's alone. "Come play with me" says her little voice. I just can't resist!! I managed to quickly go through one cupboard (glasses and coffee cups) which I threw out a bunch of kids' cups without covers and I went through one cupboard that stores all of our Tupperware. I tried to convince Maddy to help me find covers for them but she did not want anything to do with it.  When it was time to make lunch (pancakes) I then tried to convince her it was so much fun to help mix, but she pitched a fit, face down on the hallway floor kicking her legs. I think she was really annoyed that I wasn't giving her the attention she wanted -either reading books or something else one on one. I got the rest of my work done during her two hour nap, which i am so grateful she took a nap today. I cleaned out some of the kids' clothes, 6 drawers of my clothes, and some of my shelves in my closet.

I pretty much had a fit in the car yesterday while going from store to store (after my appointment....which went well at 24 weeks) - My water bottle had spilled a little in my purse, leaving coupons, other papers, and my billfold wet! I could not find a single item in my purse... it was so messy. I am just tired of this clutter. I think it is reasonable to do one thing a day, and sometimes a few, sometimes none. As long as I am being productive through the week and doing extra (other than daily necessary work) I'll be most happy.  I realize I need to rest when my body tells me to... and I was okay with that this week.

Tomorrow we are going to go clean the church because it's our month, then we are going to my nephews basketball game at night... somewhere in there I have to make a roast and a cheesecake... hopefully the fumes will not combine. Pulled Pork Cheesecake, anyone? PS... first year without Boston Cream Pie for Peter's birthday.... I am pumped. He made me one for my birthday, and of course he loved his own baking so much he asked me if I'd make him one, too.  Uh oh, its time for bed!

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