Wednesday, February 1, 2012

not ours

It has really been a blur the last day or so. I had a really yucky fall yesterday afternoon around 12:30. I remember going to my appointment and driving to Target for groceries, and along the way I was praising God aloud in prayer just for allowing me to go, the health and safety of the baby and other prayers that were on my heart. I was just in such a happy mood, and soon I would be able to figure out more kitchen stuff!

I got groceries, hurried to eat a sandwich from Target I got, and arrived to do more kitchen stuff.  I put one foot on the ground and totally wiped out. I landed really hard on my tailbone and all I remember was leaning back in so much pain. It felt like I had fallen right from the height of my Yukon seat all the way to the slippery ice. Somehow I hurt my foot which I still have no idea how that happened and my arm is bruised a bit. My first few thoughts were: Oh my word, this is really bad, my baby!, and what will I do now?  Two men rushed over in their car (they must have saw me from the road and drove in) but they said they saw me fall and I remember them slamming their car door and running to help. They asked if I was okay and I just kept crying and said, I'm pregnant....  I'm so, so, thankful that I didn't hit my head or even worse, my belly.

I hadn't even gotten into the store to plan out kitchen stuff yet and I was already calling my doctor which they advised strongly to come right away to be checked out. I didn't know I would be there for 5 hours! It was a long day but it also felt nice to just sit and watch t.v.  I was in a lot of uncomfortable pain but not anything severe, and by the time the tylenol kicked in, I was able to walk fairly normally and probably could have driven myself home. The only thing that really scared me was falling on ice again and I didn't know how I would feel as the day progressed.  When I got home I had a really hard time walking before bed so I took another Tylenol and really today the pain is better, which I expected to be worse. So that is definitely a praise. I can't really bend, lift, or walk fast but hey, I am really happy about that! Peter is at his meetings today (boo) so hopefully the day will go well with the kids. He plans to bring home supper so I don't have to cook. My prayer last night was for supernatural power to have a good attitude with the kids and to see them through Jesus' perspective (which is all love) instead of "Grrr you kids, stop fighting!!". It has gone well so far.

When I visited with our kitchen planner last night, I was pleasantly surprised at the price-- we had no idea with all the things we added (pull-outs, different stain, etc) it would be that low, which is INCLUDING installation, counter-tops, handles, the stain we wanted, no tax, etc. We have a little more room to get different counter-tops if we wanted, but I am really feeling guilty about it. I am hoping God will really reveal to us what we should do because it's been extremely confusing so far, not exactly IF we'll do the kitchen, because we will, but WHEN is the biggest thing. And of course needs vs wants. There are lots of things we don't need... all the pull outs we don't need (which really aren't a lot but still, some), we don't need expensive counter-tops-- those are just wants. We're just really praying for wisdom. I just hope that whenever she submits the layout for production, that will tell us when we'll be able to have them installed and then it will be an easy decision on our part. We have included God in almost all of our decisions, even if its a small one and so we're hoping we can really be listening to Him. After all, it is HIS money!

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