Tuesday, January 10, 2012

24 weeks

 I'm on my 25th week this week. I have a feeling that the next month will go fairly fast. I'm thinking baby is still breech and starting to sweat a little bit about having to have a C-Section. I realized that I just need to be more trusting that if this was what God had planned, it's for the best.

Yesterday was so unbelievably nice. I could have stayed outside all day! There isn't much to do with little snow and warm temps but we played around as much as we could. Then we went inside and I made some hot chocolate and they had a cookie to go with it. 

Yesterday I was more run down again. Somehow during the night I managed to pull several muscles in my body leaving me very stiff and achy all day. It literally took all day for me to clean the kitchen because I'd get tired of working on it after 10 minutes! But since Peter was gone, I let it be okay because we just had spaghetti for supper, which is super easy and just have to wash a few different pots. I organized a couple more pull-out drawers yesterday while the spaghetti was boiling and got rid of a hand full of utensils that we weren't using. Now I kind of know how many drawers I'd need to be satisfied. Today I hope to work on our pantry cabinet (which might take a little while) or our baking cupboard, and the rest of the time packing and playing with Maddy.

I am over-worrying about getting the flu this week. I am super, super scared. Our hotel in MPLS is non-refundable, and not only are we out a few hundred dollars, our trip that we've wanted to go on since beets is postponed, again. So, I am praying that we, (and family, since everyone is around everyone most of the time) can steer clear of it, at least through this weekend! It is a hard thing to let go, though and not worry.  Three more days....

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