Sunday, January 22, 2012

new week

This weekend has been pretty lazy for us. It has been so weird feeling so tired all the time. For instance, today after my nap, I went to the couch, and almost fell asleep again. I think Peter was shocked as he told me... "you must be tired". I've been doing what I can to catch up on daily chores yet at the same time feeling totally worthless as nothing 'extra' gets done. Oh well I guess... it is just a season. I have also been really bad at drinking pop. I mean, really good at it. The last two days I have had two bottles of pop. I've shared with Peter of course but I've had most of it! Friday night I had a sprite at the basketball game; Saturday night I had a root beer on our way back from getting groceries! I've really got to stop this habit.

I keep imagining what my life will be like once the kitchen remodel happens (if it does). I feel like it will be a total disaster on my hormones. I dont know how many days/weeks we will be out of a kitchen sink, real dishes, meals of course.... I am beginning to plan what meals I can freeze, make effortlessly in the crock pot, and eat out. It will also be tricky timing to get carpenters, electricians and plumbers here at the same time so that it does not drag on. I think it would be a whole lot easier if our soffiting weren't coming out.  I probably spelled that wrong.  We have to still purchase a table, lighting, microwave, back splash, decide on paint color, and we're even not sure about cabinet color/stain because of a miscommunication.  So this is all very up in the air, but I hope we can meet regularly now with our kitchen planner to get some of these things off our list! We'll do a kitchen for sure, just might have to be after the baby is born. And after farming. And deer hunting. yikes.


  1. wow. i love your honesty. and your super adorable kiddos.

    totally get it with the kitchen remodel. we moved into our 120 year old house six months ago and we have yet to do anything except the clawfoot tub we put in the bathroom. i guess i shouldn't complain. i would just to paint someday. :)


  2. thank you and thank you :)

    I feel like this kitchen thing is a rollercoaster. We aren't even 100% sure we can get it done in time! It will be a relief when it's over............and it hasn't even begun!