Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today was a very successful day, but I am oh so tired. My body is aching right now because I have been on my feet all day, especially the afternoon. This morning I left early for my scheduled ultrasound appointment. I ended up in the waiting room for a half hour before I was seen but surprisingly after that, it went very quickly. I got to see the baby! I saw the little head... baby was moving alot and it appears that for the first time ever, I have a breech baby. I am fully aware that it changes probably often, but that explains why I have such low movement. The tech told me that the foot was right by the cervix.  I am hoping that is why I am having such cramps. 
I went to Target after and got a few gifts boughten and some cute wrapping paper along with some groceries. Vanilla Almond milk landed in  my cart unfortunately... I feel like I should try it again especially with my oatmeal. I unloaded groceries, got the kids to bed, and right away started on supper. It took all day.  Also made french bread and rolls for our brunch we're having tomorrow. I tried to clean as much as possible and when the kids went to bed, i was on the couch! I am feeling the effects of a pregnant body, that is for sure. It was so lovely to see Peter's reaction to the food I made him for supper. He kept shaking his head in amazement. It really was worth it.
I'll write more later but I also wanted to express my gratitude for such a good day. I am really looking forward to spending the weekend with my family!

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