Wednesday, November 2, 2011

got it.

I think we caught the culprit. I hope.  It all started after nap. I went into the kitchen and STILL saw a bunch of fruit flies buzzing around. what in the world. I really took a huge sigh and decided it was time. Time to start cleaning out the kitchen and finding this decaying fruit or vegetable that is causing these flies to reproduce. So i began with the pot rack. I took everything off the top and cleaned it and sprayed vinegar on it. Then I started spraying the flies with the mixture and one by one they'd fall off the ceiling, I think dead. Maybe they flew away, I don't know. It's not like it was an overwhelming amount. These suckers were hiding! That is why it was so shocking to me each time a bowl of dead flies would appear; hundreds of dead flies. where are they coming from?!

Peter got home around 5pm or maybe even after and asked if we could go outside. I then asked him if I could stay inside to try to get rid of this fly issue. So I cleaned most of the counter-tops, the table, the cabinet doors, and got rid of a lot of junk.  I was going to go into the garage for something and noticed a whole bunch of flies in that room. what in the world, again!!!?? This door is always closed, how are they getting there?  So, after killing them both with water and a fly swatter, I left and later returned with a basket of clothes.  MORE.  oh. my. word.   Peter told me to not worry about it and save my energy for something else.  Easy for him! This is a failure for me. Fail! We are dirty slobs, I think.   I went downstairs to put the clothes in and turned the corner............... and low and behold, a dirty, rotten sack of potatoes and tons of fruit flies feeding on it!  I yelled for Peter... actually I sprinted upstairs and yelled for him and impatiently asked him to come down right away. He had just started a book for the girls and said he needed to finish.  I was excited yet extremely grossed out and couldn't believe he was willing to wait another second to get rid of the flies.   So, poor Peter ended up cleaning out the bag and sanitizing everything around it.

I hope this is the end. It really needs to be. I just need to focus on getting back to the way it was before pregnancy and keeping it that way. I feel now that since Peter has watched the girls, he's taken more responsibility and is helpful. Last night in our devotional specifically on marriage that we've been doing, the main point was that actions speak louder than words. He can tell me a hundred times that he loves me but somehow the things he does for me speaks much louder! 

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  1. I agree actions TOTALLY speak louder than words! Rusty booked us a night away and got babysitting lined up for the girls last weekend as a surprise. I didn't even have to complain and beg to get away - SO nice! And I hate fruit flies...