Saturday, November 5, 2011


who knew i would sort of like leggings. I don't love them because I am still getting used to them, but I am warming up to the idea. It is mostly because I get very crampy wearing maternity jeans or any jeans that jar into my stomach. Leggings are just more comfortable -- IF i have good boots or flats to wear with them. I really am trying to drink more water but I just never remember. I have an appointment on Tuesday so I am going to make my dr. give me an in-office ultra-sound. I only get cramps when I sit. So, that means I can't sit at the table, car, or sit on the floor with my kids (without getting cramps). The nurses told me to avoid that position. How in the world can I do that?! Praying everything is okay.

Today was a fun day, especially in the morning. I got a few deals while shopping in a nearby town. It mostly just felt good to get out. I'm definitely looking forward to the extra hour of sleep tonight. Hoping my girls will enjoy it too.

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