Friday, November 11, 2011


we're almost done with the bedroom. We didn't work on it yesterday because we both were exhausted, but all we have left are the shelves in our closets to dust and hoping to throw out some clutter. By the time nap time comes, all my motivation seems to slip out the door and I end up on the couch either taking a short snooze or trying to catch up on projects on the computer/photos, or any readings i've started. Most of that ends up with falling asleep from seriously drowsy eyes-book/computer on my lap.

I've also decided today it is important to wash some windows in the next couple days. I haven't showered yet today and probably won't get to, but I am hoping that I can get past the energy flop to go outside with the kids and do a few windows while they play outside. We also planned to pick the remaining leaves that are on the ground or still on the trees. But for right now, I am quite content in resting to build up any motivation I have for the rest of the day. This morning we had fun going through Abram and Sarai and their big move. We did a couple of activities and the kids enjoyed that. I also planned to decorate some cookies with them, nothing fancy, just sprinkles. It's for their fun, not mine.  It is really important to have some fun activities and some type of structure otherwise the days seem awfully long. I keep thinking about this verse in proverbs: " A servant pampered from youth will turn out to be insolent.". (disrespectful) I feel like the Lord has shown me the same with children. So many parents pamper their children, don't want to see them sad because they have to do work, or it's easier to just let the kids do what they want instead of arguing (guilty of the last one!) .  Discipline your children, and they will give you peace; they will bring you the delights you desire.  Cleaning up is discipline. My kids need to know that they need to clean up their mess, and this goes for when they are at others' homes too.  I remember having lots of play dates and none of the parents except maybe one or two would help clean up the toys. Having 8 or more kids can produce a ton of mess and that is not fun at all for a mom who has to clean it up by herself. It is just respectful, so I want my kids to be respectful and know their jobs.  So, that is what we're working on this week. hardcore. And if they lie to me that they've cleaned up, they get disciplined.

What else is God showing me this week..... he is showing me that my home needs to be a place of tranquility for my husband. Who wants to come home to a chaotic house? Not me.  I want my husband to want to come home, so I need to make sure that it is that way.  How, i'm not sure, since it seems the kids get super wound up that their dad is home and start crying about little things and what not. That is something we'll be working on. Well, I am planning to do some reading in my book before the kids get up and then I suppose we'll go outside... though I am so nice and warm on my heating pad right now!

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