Thursday, November 10, 2011

{star student}

Kate was the star student today. She talked about it all week. I brought in a photo of her, and one of the whole family so that she could post it on the star student bulletin board. She got to bring a favorite toy (she brought a book) , a favorite snack, and she got to be a special girl today. Today was a super productive day though I still tried as much as I could to enjoy Maddy. We worked on some fun stuff,  played upstairs, and just plain hung out. It always is really fun to just enjoy one of the kids. During nap time I worked on some projects for the harvest banquet at our church on Sunday and met my goal. It made me feel good that I could actually start and complete something without giving up because of zero energy.

Tonight though, I plan to get to bed early to catch up on sleep. This morning I brought kate to school and when I got back, Peter was about to leave for work and I got to enjoy another 45 minutes to myself. Maddy slept in really late and I was worried so I checked on her. She was just sound asleep.  I did some reading in my new bible study series at church "Lies Women Believe" and it has been really comforting to me at this time. I just love how God shows up and shows how much he cares. Just the other day I was telling Peter how discouraged I was about going to my triad because it seems like such a struggle to find a day that works for everyone. Then when I get to bible study, one of the girls explained how God had been reminding her of how many memories she had growing up in the church. She was happy until she realized that she was stripping her kids of these same memories they could be having.  They haven't been going to church in a long while.  This triad is worth it. Look how much growth is happening! God encouraged me immediately and I was no longer dissapointed. Anyway, I have some triad reading to do so I better do that and then Peter and I will do our marriage devotion and OFF. TO . BED.  I'm so tired!!

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