Monday, November 21, 2011


well I guess i have to update this blog! I can't recall the last time I wrote in here. I had peter take a picture of me the other day but sadly it was cold and getting late and it didn't turn out how I'd hoped. I feel like my belly looks much bigger than this pose but it will have to do. I'm working on my 18th week this week... and i've had lots of cramps. I feel awful. I mostly just feel so delicate. What if I do too much? What if I lift something too heavy? It has been worrisome but I do still feel movement so that is a good sign.

At this point that's all I've really got. My eyes are starting to drop so I should try to take a power nap. I heard Maddy squeak and occasionally hear kate so not sure naps are in order today..for any of us!


  1. You are such a pretty pregnant lady! It's all bump, you still look super tiny.

  2. You look great! Cramps certainly can be worrisome. But as long as you're taking it easy, and not doing too much, I think you should be fine. Did they say your placenta looked okay at the ultrasound (not low lying)? And if you're not bleeding... I had cramps bad with Annika I remember...and my midwife just told me to put my feet up more, and stay away from any vigorous exercise and lifting. They eventually went away. I'm sure everything will be just fine.

  3. Thanks Leslie :) Once the belly gets big I think I will feel more comfortable with my body. Right now it just feels like I am gaining weight.

    I had not so fun cramps all weekend. Mostly when I sit down, even if I lay back a little, I get cramps. Not sure if it was due to my tighter clothing (Leggings... but you'd think that wouldn't be a problem since they're elastic?!) but even now as I sit I am getting cramps. I called the doctor so we'll see what they say to do. Worried about pre-term labor!