Tuesday, December 21, 2010

rice and powerade

...part of my diet today. We are 90% over the flu in this house, which is so great. I am thankful. It seems with us it lingers on for days and sometimes weeks before the next person catches it. Everything worked out perfectly in terms of getting sick. I got sick during the night, so i was actually up most of the night but that ended up being  great, because then I could rest and not worry about chasing kids away or worry what they were getting into. It was nice because Kate and I both took a nap in my bedroom during naptime and that really helped me feel better. I got enough energy to clean up the kitchen and make rice for supper and a couple other odd things and after the kids went to bed i folded a bunch of laundry and cleaned up garbage around the house. My goal for the next two days is just to finish wrapping gifts, try to get the house in order as best as i can (without stressing) and just to enjoy the next few days peacefully. I might have to make a trip to GF (that was the plan before everyone got sick) but if I don't... oh well I guess. This year we are spending Christmas Eve with my parents and sisters. I am a bit sad that I can't see my brother and his family but hopefully soon we can get the holidays straightened out. I know i am super excited for when the girls get older (even now is starting to get really fun) to start playing games and more activities and traditions. This year I really want to start matching pajamas as gifts they get to open. I love my little family!

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