Wednesday, December 29, 2010

happy birthday

Today is my birthday. It somehow does not seem like it all, even though I feel like I have been showered with gifts and love and affection. Though today was my birthday, I was really sad. I read of a boy who at age 2, weighed 11 pounds and was dying.... and in pain.  Having an almost two year old, I couldn't imagine letting her suffer like that. I had prayed all day for him and was not able to check how he was doing. When I got home from my trip to GF for the day, I learned he passed away this morning.  It's just really an unfathomable idea to think how many kids are dying from not being able to eat. Just this second. Not just in Haiti, but everywhere.  I can't even come close to imagining. I read an interesting quote from another blog:

""When I was a little girl growing up in Haiti, I remember feeling bad that I had so much food to eat or toys to play with when my Haitian friends didn't have much or anything.  When in America, people felt sorry for us "missionary kids" because next to them we were "poor". 
They didn't know how rich we were. But I did."


 I don't know about you... but today I am feeling overwhelmingly rich and blessed.

This little girl is getting better... read her story  here and here.. and donate maybe for the first time.

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