Saturday, December 4, 2010

question of the day....

so my question of the day and probably the year is this:   why clean if it will just get messy in half a day?  I wonder if everyone struggles with this?  It is so tiring! I feel like I need a class on how to keep up!

Today was fairly busy again... we got garland, tools for staining, and tried to clean up. and 3 loads of laundry. I got half of the cleaning done late last night while the girls were sleeping, and by the time naps came, I couldn't tell that I had done anything the night before.  Oh well.  I also decorated my window boxes outside, which meant I had to take all the fall decor down and start over. I spent about an hour and a half outside. It was actually refreshing! I played with Maddy because she had gotten up from her nap and then I showered and got ready for my brother in law's birthday celebration.  We came home, gave the girls a snack and got them to bed, and I looked around the house in disbelief and plopped myself on the couch to pout about a messy house :)   I am learning more and more to not care so much about keeping up, but it is still nice every once in a while to keep a clean house, clean. I think being busy the last 4 days has really caught up with me because tonight I could hardly keep my eyes open.  I remembered I had to pack Christmas cards for church tomorrow so I got up and did that, and decided to have a snack... so here I am, at my dining room table, eating an english muffin and blogging. 

The next two weeks are going to be jam packed with events and short hotel trips and parties, etc.  It is almost overwhelming because I know that Christmas will come and go, and that makes me so sad! Mostly because I am loving Christmas music..... I haven't even started baking yet, which I have found that I am really not a baker. I like making cheesecakes and ice cream, and festive desserts, but when it comes to baking cookies I just don't have a huge interest (unless I have help). I suppose I should start though, so I have some goodies for visitors. I am hosting a Christmas party on the 15th and I haven't yet decided what I will make. While in Fargo this last couple days, I found a ravioli stamp that I am dying to try. Not sure what I will fill them with but I have a really good recipe for the pasta and I would love to try a squash filling.or pumpkin. cheese would be good.  and spinach.  Maybe this week I will experiment.  At least I would be able to make them ahead of time and just refrigerate them - pasta is always so good, and so easy. Well I am just blabbing on - my bed is calling my name!  I know church will come early tomorrow.


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