Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Todays Over, Finally

First of all, here is an almost updated picture of the swingset. He is over half done, believe it or not. He built the picnic table (right where he's standing, under the first floor). He might finish it this weekend!!

And here is a card I made a few days ago. I am liking using fabric and buttons: my new favorite thing.

Right now I am eating cheetos. I just recently had a frustrating day and I am blaming Satan 100% for that! I just recently have been hearing so much about Satanic attacks and I am so glad that God is equiping me swords to fight him off. Today really wasn't that bad of a day, but I know it was Satan because it was a series of things that happened that were putting me in a bad mood.
  1. I set the dishwasher to delay so it would run when we were done washing up the night before. It ran, but the soap never released so when I went to unload it at 11 am this morning, I had a dishwasher full of dirty dishes and lots more to load.
  2. It seemed like every second I'd put something away, Kate and Maddy would drag it out, or drag our 3 more things. I was completely over-whelmed with a house that I could not keep up with.
  3. I was trying to vacuum and make dinner at the same time and it just seemed like every possible thing, like phone calls, crying or sad children were keeping me from doing anything.
  4. Tried to eat my cold tomato soup and noodles but due to crying and tantrums I could hardly finish my meal.
Doesnt seem very bad, but I was pretty much sweating and banging my toe on things and spilling liquids and etc.  I said outloud, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE SATAN! and I prayed that God would kick him out. (read Luke 8: 4-15, Luke 8 22-39, and especially Ephesians 6

So anyway, it is really frustrating but I am trying my hardest to read and memorize scripture this month. Once a week a new one I will memorize, or maybe a couple a week. That is a goal of mine, and to stay focused. I need to read my devotions every day, not just 4 out of 5 days or 5 out of 7 days, every day. I need to prioritize.  

Tomorrow is Maddy's appointment and we are going to GF. Hopefully that goes well. It's hard because she cries almost the whole way to Grand Forks, and when I give her milk, she drinks for 5 minutes and then purposely drops it. Same with a pacifier. One day when I went I stopped 3 times to pick up whatever she had thrown and then listened to her whine the rest. I just dont know what I am doing wrong or how to end this. She whines when she eats too, and throws her food on the floor. That is why I am vacuuming so much. Any advice would be appreciated.

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