Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Done!

Finally, it's done. All the late hours Peter put in has finally paid off, and I am so so proud of him for putting all his free time into this swingset. And he did it all by himself! He built this thing!  I just think that's amazing. He has never really built anything besides some small carpentry things, so I am very impressed.

Yesterday was also Mother's Day. It has been the busiest Mother's Day yet. I will definetly know that I need to bake ahead of time and freeze because everything piled up within the last few days and it's hard when little ones are involved. I think on Saturday I made 3 mini loaves of b. bread, 2 loaves of rhubarb bread, 13 shortcakes, 4 egg bakes, and peter made two flourless cakes.  Plus I cleaned the house as best as I could. I was impressed becasue as I was cutting vegetables for the asparagus egg bake I was going to make on Sunday (at 10:30) all the dishes were done!!!

I woke up at 7 and Peter had purposely left the door to the upstairs open, so I peeked my head up there and there was a sewing machine and a pretty hanging basket upstairs for me!  I got my sewing machine. at 9pm I started to mess with it a little bit and embarassingly it took me 45 minutes to thread the bobbin and the machine. But finally I got it-- I had accidentally taken part of the bobbin out that I wasnt supposed to, so I spent a long time trying to get that part back in. Then I wanted it to thread to the top, but that couldnt happen unless I threaded the machine, and I didnt know that so a lot of time was spent trying to do that. So anyway, I also got a candy dish for some lifesavers, and also I got a cutting mat and some pins, rulers, and cutters. I am all set!!! Today and tomorrow is my photography class, which i am hoping to make it to at least one, and then jury duty starts tomorrow.  What awful timing. I am still upset about that. I got a cold too; hoping it will go away soon ! 

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