Sunday, May 23, 2010


I just have to chuckle at Kate.  She calls me Beautiful and she calls peter Donny. When we gather at the table for supper she says while pointing, "Maddy, Kate, Beautiful, and Donny! Everybodies eating!"

Then Peter said yesterday he and Maddy were playing in Kate's room, and Kate came down from upstairs and said to them: "What are you doing in my room? This is Kate's room!" in a 16 year old tone. 

This weekend has been magical yet again. I just have to stop and just be so thankful for everything we have. It just brings me to tears! Friday was date night, and that went ok. We rented PS. I love you. It was an ok movie, but i am so emotional I cried through most of it. Ugh, i hate that. I wish I could hold in the tears! Its so embarassing. It wasnt really our style of a movie, I mean, it was kinda weird but the concept was sweet. I also stained the trim on the door.

Saturday peter did some work in the yard and I went for a small bike ride. He removed all the sand and the swingset out of the backyard. We are planning to till a small-medium size garden back there. SO excited!  Then he left to play paintball with the Kennedy-Lancaster men. He had lots of fun, but also had lots of welts from the paint balls, and lots of ticks (gross)

For church today -- it was so moving. I watched a man who both Peter and I had been praying for, walk up to the alter and asked for prayer. I am guessing he asked to let Christ into his life..  Several people were moved to tears. Of course, I couldnt control it and had to leave.  If i could just shut off those tear faucets or even just tweak it a little so it was just a slight drip, that'd be ok. I even almost cried when the little kids were singing. It also moves me and thrills me that those seeds are planted within them and they are singing about Jesus and how that might affect them later on in life, even if they arent raised in a christian home. 

It is just so great to see what God is doing in our lives right now. so blessed.

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  1. Beautiful and Donny?! Funny girl :) Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!