Thursday, May 13, 2010


Kate and I went to the dentist yesterday. I had to wake her up at 6:45 and get everyone ready and out the door we were at 7:25. Kate was pretty excited to go to the dentist. But once it was time to get in the chair, to my surprise she was trying to escape out of the room.  I thought at least she would do well until he started putting instruments in her mouth. I had to sit with her and they put this thing over her nose for the 'relaxing' gas. She was relaxed for maybe 30 seconds and then freaked out!!!!!

She screamed, kicked, and cried the entire time. I had to hold down her feet and her hands. They put this object in her mouth so that she could bite down on it (to help her mouth stay open wide enough to see what they were doing) and they removed it, and down she bit on his finger.  He yelled.  and then said loudly, "JEEZ" and right then I felt my face getting red, thinking..... 'ok so this is far worse than I had planned".  He kept shaking his head the whole time and after she was done he said to me very sternly.. "you've GOT to keep her teeth CLEAN.... she is TOO YOUNG to get cavities." and it almost made me cry. I left very sad because he made me feel like I dont brush her teeth.    I brush it as well as any other parent, and she doesnt get sweets hardly at all.... For instance, some kids from daycare brought nachos and chocolate donuts to eat for breakfast.... and would get pop at home too! i know that some kids and adults are just prone to more cavities and Peter and Kate are among those people.. so, I guess another thing for her to be deathly afraid of.


  1. I feel for you! The dentist should have never talked to you like that! I don't know where you go to, but we took Kadence to a special kids only dentist and she loved it. I thought that she would be scared too. This place is geared towards kids. Supper happy people cleaning their teeth. T.V on the ceiling for them to watch. The talked her through what they were going to do and everything. If you want the name just let me know. But don't feel bad about it! You are a great MOM!!!

  2. we go to the same one amanda :) Kidz Dental. They were nice for her cleaning but when she acted up during her fillings Chad was a little rude. He didnt even offer any advice.