Friday, May 21, 2010


This week has been tiring for me, but also fun. I got all my flowers planted (that I have pots for) and I got a bike trailer for a soon-to-have-bike. I am borrowing my father-in-laws for now... and boy is it a workout! I am hopeful to lose a little weight this summer. I am so happy to have a bike trailor because I was getting so bored going for walks. Plus, it also serves as a stroller and works much better than the one I have. I got it at Target and even got a $10 coupon for it. Get this, I even put it together myself. *So proud!*

I went to Grand Forks yesterday to get some groceries. I went to only Hugos and Target and bought a lunchable for the girls to eat on the way home because I finally left GF around noon! We had so much stuff to get, and luckily they behaved well. Then also since Tuesday evening I have had kate in underwear all day. I read about an interesting solution to put the diaper on them, have them sit on the potty, and go in the diaper.  So she does that. Then we take the diaper off, and put on her underwear. Sometimes she'll ask for the diaper, sometimes I have to ask her.  But either way, the point of this is to not stretch out her bladder. So, as long as she is wearing underwear, I guess I am happy. I am more peaceful about it because I know maybe the older she gets, she will begin to realize that the potty isnt scary. And even now, to pee on the potty, with her diaper ON, is scary to her. We still struggle with that, but I make sure to give her the same rewards when she goes in her diaper as I would if she went in the potty.  Big sigh right there... its lots of work to potty-train kate. It is so weird. Sometimes she will sit just fine on the potty (with diaper) and go. And sometimes she doesnt want to, and cries (like twice today).  Why does it have to be her idea? I cannot even begin to tell you how frustrating it is.

Today I am washing more clothes and trying to keep the house in order. I havent been uploading/taking pictures at all, because our laptop is toast! It crashed and to update it we need a new operating system. I think it's my fault because we had too many antivirus programs installed and it conflicted with one another. I dont know... oh well I suppose. I mean, i am sad but I cant do anything about it. It was kinda junky to begin with... we will probably use the money we've saved the past 3 years to buy a new one. We havent touched that money. It's a fund we started for when we have a real bad year, so I can still stay at home. There's a line though... how much to put away. We dont want to hoard money, but we want enough in there so that if we do have a bad year, we dont have to stretch our dollar until it rips.

Tomorrow I will be staining, or attempting to stain the dining room door. I would try today but you need to do do all the steps in a set amount of time and I just know that one of the kids will wake up when i'm trying to stain. I dont think it will take very long because it is such a small door but, I might try tomorrow morning when Peter is home. Well that's enough for now. I suppose I should do some more work!

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