Saturday, October 1, 2011

how i've been feeling

right now i am listening to all three of us girls hack and cough. it is not pretty. They had gotten bad colds just 3 weeks ago and now i fear this is a new cold, possibly from the wedding. This week has been full of ups and downs concerning health. It seemed like the day Kate went to school I felt the best, but still not 100%. I think almost every day I had to lie down b/c of a bad headache or just unbelievable tiredness, or just feeling tough. Yesterday i felt my iron was low so i began seeing black spots for a while, which was a sign of low iron in previous pregnancies. Because I'm coughing so much, i can't ever get to sleep at a decent time so that's probably why i've been extra tired. Right now as the kids are watching their morning program, I just want to desperately crawl back into bed and finish sleeping. I have got a splitting headache and my lungs are burning!  Today, or last night, was also the start of beets. Yesterday I got to thinking about the next few weeks, and how hopefully beets might be done by then, I might be feeling better (and have had my first appointment) date nights would be back in order,it'd probably be cold enough for fires outside and/or in our living room, more hot chocolate, trips in hotels for farming meetings (and a possible get-away), and less days that peter would work on the farm!  It's always a love /hate relationship this time of year.... October is probably the most hated month for me but when it's over, its the loveliest!

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