Thursday, October 6, 2011

greasy food

Yes, it sure is my bedtime, and I specifically got out of bed to frantically realize there are no egg rolls that i was craving.. so pizza rolls it is. They are not as good in the microwave, but i've always enjoyed soggy food.  I am hoping this little late night snack won't be a habit-- I've been really trying to eat healthy snacks: apple or two a day, bananas, grapes, oranges, you name it! I am choosing fruits instead of breads and grains but really, sometimes I am just sick of it and want some real food! Unfortunately also, sometimes it happens at night.

Today I felt pretty good. I got the living room and the dining room cleaned (before it got messy again) and I worked on the kitchen for quite a while and then Peter kindly finished after supper and did the rest of the dishes! He even made me tea. I really haven't been the kindest to him... I have been selfish and wanting HIM to take care of ME, not the other way around. (He has been sick) I haven't been feeling the best either so it wasn't easy to take on the kids, house, AND cater to him. But we got through it, as we do everything. I have taken naps almost every day the last couple weeks. I can't even keep my lids open. I always think in each pregnancy... "am i lazy? is it going to be like this forever?" Having no energy stinks. I'm used to having lots of it because I have kept active. Today though, I didn't need a nap, and it felt nice. I hate waking up so groggy. Instead, I made fall sugar cookies and when Kate got home from school, we cut them out and baked them. So, I ended up having a couple small leaves and probably the same amount in cookie dough. Oops! It was fun to see her roll them out, too.  I am probably going to make edible play dough soon for them to roll out and play with. 

Tomorrow morning I will have my small group bible study and then hopefully nap time for the girls, and family time after. I am getting spoiled with Peter being home more often... i'm just not used to it. And in a couple short days, it will be back to him being gone all the time. I am hoping we can stay busy and figure out fun things to do. Also, next Thursday is my first appointment. I am really looking forward to that.  I have to sing in another wedding on Saturday so I am really not looking forward to that, but I am praying and trusting that it will bring glory to God. That's really the only reason I sing anymore.   More later

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