Thursday, October 20, 2011


The night before beets ended I spent 45 minutes on the kitchen  before bed. From 9pm-9:45 I scrubbed dishes, loaded dishes, cleaned counter-tops, cleared the kitchen table, swept floors, and straightened up.  When it was finished, it felt so good to see a clean kitchen. It really gave me hope. I had also been working on the mountains of clothes that had accumulated  -most are still not put away and now i have two big basket fulls again that piled up.  Peter came home at 6pm yesterday and he offered to help make supper. I cannot even tell you how much that brought my spirits up. I began to hug him and make sure he knew how helpful it was and how much he can contribute to helping me feel better in my 'situation'. Yesterday I was really planning to go on the elliptical for only 15 minutes, but I made the mistake of sitting down and then eventually taking a mere 1.5 hour nap. I was still groggy when the kids got up and I really didn't snap out of it until 6:30. at 9, I was practically falling asleep again while reading the book "Not A Fan".   So far, so good. I only got to 30 pages but so far it had a lot of really good examples that if I were in a conversation with someone who was seeking God, i'd be able to tell them the difference between someone that is just a 'fan' of god, and not a follower. 

We went to bed around 10 and I fell asleep fairly quickly which doesn't happen very much. I slept through the night except the time Maddy woke up at 5.  At least it was only once this night. Over the last week (teething I think) she's been getting up once or twice a night crying. This happened when she got her other molar, and eventually after more than a week and a half, I had to just let her cry a night because she just wanted to snuggle for a little while. It sure felt good though, even if i was tired.

This morning I slept til 8 which felt so nice. I tried to clean the kitchen a little bit while making oatmeal for me and the girls when I found something very disgusting. A good thing, though. I had asked my mother in law how to get rid of fruit flies, and she said put some dish soap in a bowl with water and some vinegar.  So, i had put a few different bowls up around the kitchen and yes, it would catch maybe 5-10 in each bowl. Well, I put one up on the shelf where I hang my pots and pans, and I checked it this morning.... there must have been 30 or so in there! Disgusting. But, now there are 30 less flying around. Yup, it is really embarrassing for me to admit that we had that many fruit flies in the house, but its true. The kitchen was not kept up and it got really bad. There are still a lot in the kitchen but I am working on catching them. My main problem is , once I get the kitchen cleaned up, then I want to bake. Like yesterday, it was spotless and then i wanted to make banana and blueberry bread.  Well, no! I stopped myself because that's how i get behind. We don't need it right now. So, unfortunately instead, last night peter wanted to make pudding, but we didn't have any, so what do I make. Cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Ok, they were excellent, but now there's a mess i've got to deal with. :) It will get done. Mind over matter.   I suppose I better go now.. It felt nice to share what's been going on the past couple days.  Beets. Are. Done, and it feels really good.  I am praying they can finish quickly what they need to before next weekend so I can go to a quilting retreat. Its the only time I think I'd finally finish kate's quilt... mainly b/c i would be forced to work on it and not have any interruptions! Plus, it would be nice to interact with adults.   More later!

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