Thursday, August 18, 2011

winding down

 It has been a confusing week! Monday was a really busy day since it was my turn to cook. Tuesday I had my bible study over and fed them lunch, then went to Grand Forks with very crabby kids. Wednesday Emily came over to watch the girls and I cleaned my whole room! Then in the afternoon I prepared for part of the meal again. I made peach  jam, honey flaxseed bread (yum!) and some GF brownies. I was so worn out that I honestly can say ( I've never done it in my entire life) I fell asleep during peter's short prayer.

I don't have much that I need to get done today.. I just plan to take it easy and just spend time with the girls. It is nice to not have the pressure to workout -- I just really want to still watch what I eat and do it a few times a week, rather every day. It get's to be a controlling thing where I am not satisfied unless I've worked out.. and I certainly don't want it to rule my life.  I think that is it... the girls appear to be up.  later!

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