Tuesday, August 9, 2011


people are invading my house, and we're only putting on shingles! I feel like in every window we are being watched. I don't think i'd do well with a major renovation inside the house... like the kitchen. I think we pretty much ruled out at this point that we wouldn't update the kitchen even though we really want to. We just felt God saying no. Also, the kids have slept through all the knocking for the most part- thank you God!

Anyway, --we are also out of TV, which means there's nothing to do at our house when the kids go to bed. I never, hardly ever watch TV, but Peter does...it is a blessing in disguise!  so it was really fun and weird to see him just sit there. I thought it'd be a good opportunity to do devotions together - so we did and then fell asleep close after 9:30pm. I feel like I got a good nights rest. Harvest is coming up; I know it'll be lots of work and I'll be in the kitchen a lot, but I feel for the most part I do it as joyfully as I can. I really do love to see their happy faces when they get to eat the food. Over the last year I realized it's my small part in helping the men out when they do so much to provide for our family.

My goal this week:  keep up with the house!

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