Tuesday, August 23, 2011

get done soon!

It's Monday today. Again, the weekend went really fast but it was really fun too. This weekend I took some engagement photos for my sister-in-law Chelsie, and I am pleased with how they turned out. They aren't super original but we did the best we could with the bright sun. I was also able to visit with my sister on Saturday (she recently moved to Bismark) - that was such a treat. Even though it had only been 2 weeks, I know the next time I see her will be a little while unless we are able to visit her before Chelsie's wedding. She confirmed that she is able to help us for the wedding! So, pressure is off that the girls will be running around wild while we are trying to take photos and during the wedding. Plus, then we'll get to spend the weekend with her! (And she won't have to drive quite as far) Anyway, Sunday was hard for me because she normally comes over that day and I really missed her.

Yesterday truly was a humongously busy day- I went to GF most of the day to get things for the baby shower I'm helping with this weekend, and then I came home to finish making supper to bring out to the guys, after that I packed up to go to my bible study. I literally ran into the house, tried as quickly as I could to get everything cold into the fridge, and my ride was here. When I got home, I put the girls to bed and sat down. The kitchen really isn't too messy but it needs work. It was nice to go myself- I used to go all the time with the girls, and now I just don't know how I will get used to bringing the girls once Emily leaves and school starts again. When I'd bring them I'd only have 2-3 stops; lately I've been stopping at 4-5 places and that gets to be too long for them and not enough time to get back before naps.  So hopefully in the future it will go okay. As much as I'd like to stay home, I think today we're doing a play date so the girls can have fun. It looks like we won't get to see peter all day today.... sad.. hopefully they get done soon!

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